The New Threat – Protecting Data Anywhere, Anytime
12-1pm, Wednesday 17th June 2020

With the COVID-19 virus nearly extinguished from our shores New Zealand businesses need to be careful they are not exposed to another nasty threat – cyber intrusions.

Most kiwi businesses had to rapidly redeploy staff to work from home and many have drawn on quickly acquired IT services to accommodate this move. These actions can potentially expose businesses to cyber threats through inappropriate data handling, the use of unsecured devices and a lack of governance with data services.

Matthew Evetts the Chief Technology Officer for the Optic Security Group and GM of Optic Digital, a division of the Group, will join Gary Morrison, CEO of the NZSA, and our moderator Grant Whitehouse to provide NZSA members with actionable information on how you can ensure that your, and your clients data, can be kept secure in our new normal.

This one-hour webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Securing PCs and company data on personal devices
  • Methods for secure remote access to files and systems
  • Phishing and user awareness training
  • How to keep IoT (Internet of Things) data secure
  • Maintenance best practices
  • Members will be able to ask Matthew their questions during the webinar.