Crowded Places Special Advisory Group (CPSAG)

The NZSA also established and provides secretariat functions for the Crowded Places Special Advisory Group.

This group was formed as part of New Zealand’s Crowded Places strategy and sits alongside the CPBAG (Crowded Places Business Advisory Group) and CPCAG (Crowded Places Community Advisory Group). These groups are responsible for the protection of crowded places from attack with a strategy based on:

  • Building stronger private and public partnerships
  • Better sharing of information and guidance
  • Implementing effective protective security
  • Improving response and increasing resilience

The objectives of the group are:

  • Provide expertise in security related matters to the CPBAG and CPCAG
  • Identify issues from the security sector in NZ regarding the NZ CP Strategy
  • Answer questions raised by the CPBAG and CPCAG in relation to security matters around NZ CP Security
  • Advise on relevant standards/guidelines/best practice to be used regarding NZ CP security
  • Advise on criteria for assessing competence, training needs and education of security professionals working in this field
  • Be the focus for processing inputs/queries/concerns from CP event organisers and the private security sector relating to NZ CP security
  • Improving State Security Agency relationships

For more information on the CPSAG please contact [email protected]