Why choose a NZSA member as your security provider?

Using a security provider that is a member of the New Zealand Security Association (NSZA) is a simple way to ensure you are dealing with licensed professionals that have the relevant training, knowledge, ethics and responsibility which is critical for the safety of lives and protection of your property.

NZSA members are proud to belong to an Association which:

  • Sets the standards for the security industry in New Zealand
  • Ensures its members operate to professional Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct
  • Pursues continuous professional development for members and their staff
  • Works actively with the NZQA, industry training organisations and industry stakeholders in developing and promoting industry training that is “fit for purpose”
  • Has established high-level formal relationships with the New Zealand Police, Ministry of Justice, Government agencies and the wider community
  • Is active in the ongoing development of industry codes of practice and auditing members to ensure they meet those codes and operate in accordance with industry best practice

The NZSA is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association governed by Rules and Bylaws and Board of Directors, with its national head office based in Auckland. The Association is the voice of the security industry and responsible for these key areas in the industry:

Code of Ethical Conduct

Under the Association Rules, all members and companies are bound to the Code of Ethical Conduct. Our members are committed to operating to best practice and are accountable to the Association for their performance. All members are subject to a fully documented complaints and disciplinary procedure.


All prospective new members of the NZSA must supply detailed information on their company, staff and market activities. Additional background checks are also undertaken, including confirmation of licence and a credit check, then reviewed by the Board to establish that the applicant meets the requirements to become a NZSA member of the NZSA.


One of the other benefits of engaging with a member of the NZSA is that all members must carry a minimum of one million dollars in public and product liability insurance.

Promoting industry training and education

The NZSA works closely with key stakeholders including NZQA and industry training organisations to ensure the industry is providing continuous and quality industry training that meets the needs of both employers and employees.

The way to ensure you are not taking an unnecessary risk with your security is to choose a member of the New Zealand Security Association.