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Why use a NZSA member as your security provider?

Using a security provider that is a member of the New Zealand Security Association (NSZA) is a simple way to ensure you are dealing with licensed professionals that have the relevant training, knowledge, ethics and responsibility which is critical for the safety of lives and protection of your property.

NZSA members are proud to belong to an Association which:

  • Sets the standards for the security industry in New Zealand
  • Ensures its members operate to professional Code of Ethics and Ethical Conduct
  • Pursues continuous professional development for members and their staff
  • Works actively with the NZQA, industry training organisations and industry stakeholders in developing and promoting industry training that is “fit for purpose”
  • Has established high-level formal relationships with the New Zealand Police, Ministry of Justice, Government agencies and the wider community
  • Is active in the ongoing development of industry codes of practice and auditing members to ensure they meet those codes and operate in accordance with industry best practice

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