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In today’s workplaces, being a good leader isn’t just about giving orders or being in charge. It’s more about building relationships and caring about the people you work with. Success at work means being able to work together, talk openly, aim for the same goals, and deal with problems when they come up.

This package is a mix of our best leadership and culture content. Your leaders will build on existing soft skills to grow as individuals and create opportunities for their teams to succeed. Take a look to see what’s included!

Aligning culture and expectations
The module is about aligning team expectations to your organisation’s culture and values. You will get a chance to reflect on your organisation’s culture and determine how you can set and reinforce team expectations.

Building your team
This module introduces you to the five stages of a team. You’ll get a chance to identify the stage of your team and set some leadership actions to keep your team moving forward.

Effective delegation
This module will provide you the information you need to delegate more effectively and the productivity of yourself and others.

Leadership styles
This module provides an overview of personal and team working styles. You’ll get a chance to reflect on your style and put some actions in place to improve the way your team works.

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