Dog Safety Training


About the course

NZSA – partnering with The Dog Safe Workplace Ltd

NZSA has partnered with The Dog Safe Workplace. They work with companies to help reduce the number of dog-related incidents that occur when workers enter premises where dogs may be present.

By providing a deep understanding of canine behaviour, we enable workers to accurately recognise and interpret dog signals. This knowledge empowers them to proactively mitigate risks and ensure their safety when encountering dogs on the job.

Key learning components include:

  • Dispelling common myths about canine behaviour.
  • Recognising warning signs, both obvious and subtle, that indicate potential aggression or danger.
  • Understanding signs of increased agitation in dogs and how to respond appropriately.
  • Identifying pre-entrance signs of dog activity to assess potential risks before entering a property.
  • Developing the ability to recognise and assess potentially dangerous situations involving dogs.
  • Learning the do’s and don’ts of interacting with dogs to establish safe and positive encounters.
  • Mastering techniques for safely removing oneself from a potentially risky situation.

We offer three styles of training Face-2-Face, Microsoft Teams or Zoom training and an Online course. Each training program is fully customised to suit your requirements.

NZSA members will receive a minimum discount of 10% volume-based.

For more information about the courses we offer contact

[email protected] or call 0508 DOG SAFE