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Whether you’re leading a team at work or in any other aspect of life, being able to communicate effectively is crucial. It’s how you share your ideas, listen to others, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Good communication helps build trust, resolve conflicts, and keep things running smoothly.

This package is a mix of our best microlearning to support leaders with communication to create a positive work environment. It’s designed to help leaders get better at working with others and making sure everyone on their team can do their best. Take a look to see what’s included!

Building positive relationships
This module covers building positive workplace relationships, including what they look like and how to establish them effectively.

Communication skills for leaders
Explore the key communication skills critical for effective leadership. Identify your strengths and opportunities, and set an action plan for yourself.

Influencing others
This module introduces you to the practical ways you can influence others. You’ll get a chance to work through a real-life scenario and set some actions for yourself.

Mentoring your team with positive feedback
An introduction to two ways you can support your team members to build their capability. You’ll get a chance to work through a mentoring scenario where you can incorporate aspects of constructive feedback.

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