Caroline Halton

Originally from the UK, Caroline worked with the hospitality/service industry prior to arriving in New Zealand.

Arriving in New Zealand in 2003, Caroline has worked in the security industry since then. To date she has held several roles including HR/Recruitment, Operations Management, Client Service and Business Development roles.

Caroline is currently the Business Manager at Cityguard.

Evan Morgans

As CMO for Security, Evan Morgans is inspired by Gallagher’s commitment to customers. “Every decision we make is focused on improving our customer experience, from creating better products, through interactions with end-users, and everyone in-between”, he says.

Prior to joining Gallagher 10 years ago, Evan held program management for technology companies, including Microsoft, focusing on small business solutions.

Having previously led the software product direction at Gallagher, Evan knows only too well how strongly the team is committed to solving customer’s biggest security challenges, and that in order to truly compete and succeed on the global stage they must, and do, solve real business problems

Shane O’Halloran

Ex CIB in the NZ Police for 13 years and a further 23 years of operational risk and security management experience in the NZ security industry.   An extensive part of Shane’s career has been constructing multi facet security solutions within all NZ industries, forming relationships with other security suppliers and providing best practise to the NZ market.

Strong long-term relationships based on trust and responsibility is a personal key ethic of Shane and one which he actively leads.

Shane has been part of the Senior Management Team at Armourguard since 2003.

Shane has been leading Armourguard Security as Chief Operating Officer since 2016.

Greg Kitto

Greg has worked as a security consultant since 1989.  Greg has been employed in various roles by Pedersen Read since 1984 and in his present role as Senior Electrical Engineer since 1999.

Greg is currently serving on the Industry Training Development Consultation Group for the New Zealand Certificate in Electronic Security.

Greg has significant experience within both the Electrical and Security industries and can offer unique insights and experiences from both semi-related industries.

David Proud

David began his security engineering career 30 years ago in 1987 with Harding Signals and then started VIP Security as a one-man-band in 1997. David has grown his team to 25 staff and are considered one of the leading electronic security companies in Christchurch, Marlborough and Nelson.

David is guided by an advisory board to assist in the strategic direction of VIP Security looking forward into the Christchurch rebuild and beyond.

David offers to the board a person well versed in most aspects of electronic security, company management and strategy. David is committed to continuously raising the standards and quality within the industry.

David has previously served on the NZSA board from 2004 to 2009 and re-joined the board in 2013. David was the deputy chair 2016-2017.

Lance Riesterer

Lance has a background in finance and banking and is equally comfortable in the Boardroom or on the shop floor. He has led teams of up to 450 staff members in 17 different locations and in his current role he has nationwide responsibility for over 12,000 trainees in 15 different industries. Lance holds a Master of Business Administration from Southern Cross University and sits on the Skills Organisation senior leadership team.


Wade Coneybeer

Wade has worked as the General Manager of Alarm Watch for 10+ years. Strategic decision making has resulted in his team growing from six people to 60 plus people and increased their bureau client base by 1000 percent.

Wade enjoys working with over 100 different installation companies in New Zealand and the relationships he has formed have been critical in influencing their own company direction.

Matt Stevenson

Matt Stevenson has worked in the security industry for over twenty years. Starting out in 1995 as a salesperson in Christchurch, he then established his own security firm which he sold in 2006 in order to join his father in building HSM Group Holdings Limited. HSM (High Security Management) was established in 1997 and delivers a broad range of security services including sales, installation, monitoring (including a Grade B1 monitoring station), risk management and guarding to both residential and commercial clients locally and across New Zealand.

Matt now leads both a sales team and a team of skilled technicians in both Fire and Security and co-leads the monitoring and guard team. As one of two directors at HSM, he has been instrumental in developing the company into one of the top security providers that it is today with over 70 staff. HSM is a family business with an outstanding reputation in the market place. Matt brings energy to the business and he is focused on ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

Chris Whiting

Chris has over 14 years of industry experience in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  Having a broad range of industry knowledge from guarding and patrols, to alarm monitoring and Cash in Transit, gives Chris a  unique perspective on the challenges faced by multi-national organizations, across a diverse range of industries.  Applying his industry knowledge to deliver total security solutions, ranging from protecting critical infrastructure systems to employees and property has been cornerstone to Chris’s career.

Chris is a consistent advocate to further professionalise the security industry and is looking forward to contributing to the ongoing success of the NZSA.