NZSA update – PSPLA decision re displaying security identification badges (ID’s)

The PSPLA was recently asked by the Police for clarity around S67 of the Act which requires security guards to wear their security identification badges (ID’s) in a readily visible place. The Police also sought guidelines on the effect of S67(4) of the Act which exempts a private security worker from wearing their ID if they reasonably believe that wearing it will threaten their safety or the safety of any other person.

The questions arose in the context of a complaint where it was found that the owner of a security company had advised his staff to wear their ID’s in a visible position but with their certificate number taped over due to safety concerns.

The full decision can be read on the PSPLA website, but key out-takes from the decision are:

  • To comply with S67 of the Act the ID must be displayed so its front is visible, and it must not have its unique identifier or any of the other information blanked out or taped over.
  • Unless there is a real or significant threat to the safety of the certificate holder, S67(4) does not provide a legitimate exemption from the requirement for security guards working as crowd controllers at licenced premises or events to wear their ID’s in a position that is clearly visible.
  • Any intentional failure by a security guard to display their ID in a reasonably visible position contravenes the Act. This could amount to an offence under the Act and misconduct.

From the NZSA Team