NZSA update – media coverage of gang members as security guards

As you may be aware there has been some coverage in the media regarding patched gang members being issued a COA security licence.

Whilst we are strongly opposed to gang membership within the security industry there were mitigating circumstances in the case of the two security guards mentioned in the article which the media did not report on.

After consulting with Trish McConnell, Registrar of the PSPLA, we advise that the media did not contact them prior to the article being published. The only source of information the media had was the decisions published on the PSPLA website. Unfortunately they did not mention the other conditions attached to the orders or any of the other decisions where COA’s have been cancelled because of gang membership.

We would also encourage members to contact the NZSA and seek our support with any PSPLA complaints or queries.

To read the article please visit here.

To read about the two PSPLA decisions mentioned in the article please read 2022_NZPSPLA_004 and 2022_NZPSPLA_008.

The NZSA team.