NZSA support for ensuring continuity of security labour resource for our members

Whilst today’s business environment is extremely challenging, we in security are one of the fortunate business sectors to be deemed an essential service and with some degree of certainty for our businesses and employees.

Demands on our services will differ business to business and sector by sector however we are already seeing an unprecedented demand for security officers to provide a wide range of essential services during the lock down period and potentially the foreseeable future.

The NZSA is widening our existing Skills for Industry Work Broker initiative to focus on ensuring continuity of a labour resource for our members providing essential services. This will include full-time, part-time and casual positions.

We will continue to support members signed to our existing programme with continued support and milestone payments for existing and future MSD candidate placements however most of our focus will be on identifying “fit for purpose” candidates from those businesses and industry sectors that are facing retrenchment and lay-offs and being able to refer those candidates to our members who desperately require additional workers.

We are working closely with MSD, the Student Association, Etu and the wider Business and Industry Association community to ensure that we are reaching those workers in other industry sectors who are seeking employment and promoting the security industry as a great option for them.

The NZSA team will:

  • Provide candidates with an overview of the industry including an understanding of the licensing requirements
  • Inform candidates of the various roles we are looking to fill and provide reassurance around their personal safety
  • Provide telephone screening to ensure that candidates are “fit for purpose”
  • Apply for the candidates Temporary Licence, including payment of the application fee
  • Provide details of recommended candidates to our members seeking staff.

If you need staff please contact us on [email protected] and provide information including numbers, region, overview of duties, nature of contract (full-time, part-time or casual) and any other pertinent detail.

Should you have any questions please contact Andrea on [email protected] or 0274 502020.