NZSA security update – changes to the PSPLA process

The PSPLA process improvement project is about to go live with a number of changes to the PSPLA application, printing and distribution processes. This communications notice is to inform NZSA members of these changes.

What: Starting Wednesday 13 April:

  1. The physical paper licences and certificates will be replaced with digital PDF documents. These will be emailed to the customer supplied address in the application. Note: there are no changes to badges. Badges will remain a physical card.
  2. Informative text will be added to the online application form, and outdated information removed. e.g. There is now text informing customers that licences and certificates will be sent via email to the email address provided.
  3. Badge packs will no longer contain additional content, such as card covers, clips and lanyards. Badges will be attached to a carrier letter and sent in a DLE envelope (a standard size envelope). This is will be mailed directly to the customer provided postal address.
  4. The online PSPLA application form will be unavailable between 9pm and 11pm on Tuesday 12 April. This is so updates can be implemented.

Action: Take note in the change of service.

Coming later: There will be one more major release in the PSPLA process improvement project. You will receive a communication notice regarding these changes closer to the time.

Questions: Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding these changes.

The NZSA team.