NZSA Security Leadership – Literacy and Numeracy Resources

The NZSA is thrilled to announce that the Security Leadership – Literacy and Numeracy Resources material is now available.

The NZSA has partnered with The Skills Group Foundation to approach workforce and leadership development from a new perspective.

We recognise that communication and understanding are critical to effective and safe operation in any environment. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the changing landscape of New Zealand’s security sectors. Our industry is developing in diversity of workforce and in the complexity of tasks required of them. Based on our industry survey results, we have a lack in leadership ability, across our industry, to fully understand and support this workforce to develop and succeed.

New Zealand’s security industry covers some 30,000 workers and it is estimated by those working in the industry that probably 20% to 25% of workers are impacted to some degree by literacy and numeracy challenges.

Such challenges can be overcome, with the right support. The key is to create an environment for our workforce where their great attributes and capabilities are encouraged to shine, while recognising and supporting their challenges.

The NZSA Security Industry Training and Professional Development Special Interest Group (SITPDSIG) has been instrumental in developing these modules to support those who have supervisory or managerial responsibility for security staff.

The modules are:

  • Leader’s Introduction Module
  • Effective Communications
  • Time Management
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Customer Service and Professionalism

Further modules covering the following topics are currently in development and will be available to access shortly:

  • Working Shift-work
  • Behavioural Awareness and Self Awareness
  • Identifying Learner Training Needs

The package of modules has been designed to help Supervisors and Managers understand the needs of their staff and to utilise best practice learning theory and resources to improve communication and understanding within their workforce.

Whilst we recommend that they be used as a package, they can also be used individually as a means towards addressing specific challenges within the workplace.

The modules are available for all industry to use at no cost and are in a format that allows security companies to download onto their own Learning Management Systems (LMS).

To download the files please visit the NZSA website.

The NZSA team.