NZSA Newsletter – March 2020


Welcome to our March 2020 newsletter.

One of the biggest challenges for any association is how we communicate with our members and the wider industry. Whilst social media currently holds focus for many, we have found that some of the “old-fashioned” communications tools such as this newsletter and our regional visit programme achieve the most positive feedback and support.

We launched our newsletter four years ago to approximately 200 recipients – today our distribution list exceeds 1600 recipients, many of whom are industry customers, influencers and stakeholders.

The regional visit programme was also introduced four years ago as a way to ensure our members and non-members had the opportunity to meet with the CEO on a regular basis, to keep up with industry developments and to provide feedback on pertinent issues. The regional visits originally comprised breakfast or After 5 collective meetings but have evolved to the current one-on-one meetings at the member, or non-members, place of business.

The regional visit meetings are without doubt one of the most enjoyable parts of my role – they provide the opportunity not only to meet with company owners and managers but also to understand their business (including the successes and challenges) and in most instances to meet a number of team members. They also provide a great snapshot of the current state of the security industry.

There has definitely been an increase in optimism from most providers over the last six months or so and it is pleasing to note that this applies across both the guarding and electronic sectors. This optimism seems to be largely driven by strong revenues, a lifting of charge rates (particularly for guarding contracts and casual work) and improved enforcement of our licensing legislation. The greatest concern across industry continues to be the ability to source good candidates to meet labour resource requirements.

The ability to attract workers into the security industry, and to retain them, is a key focus area for the NZSA and as you will see in the commentary below we will be launching several new initiatives in this area to further support our already successful MSD Work Broker Programme.

In late 2019 the Ministry of Education (MOE) initiated a RFP process whereby community partners, employers, industry groups, the ITO sector, vocational education providers and other agencies could apply for funding to develop a series of events to bring together young people, and their families and whanau, with industries. In total, MOE received applications from 72 organisations seeking a total funding of $9.2 million against a budget of $1.3 million.

We are pleased to announce that the application submitted by the NZSA was successful and for the full amount sought. The funding will enable us to conduct 10 security Job Expos at locations around the country and targeted at students in their last year of schooling. The first expo will be held in July 2020 and the final event in June 2021. Our target is to present to a minimum of 750 students across the expos and to inform them of the opportunities for a career in security (guarding and electronic) or looking at security as a stepping stone towards future employment with the Police or similar.

We are in the process of contacting secondary schools to formalise dates and locations but once confirmed we will publish the dates and seek member involvement in the security expos. Ideally, we want our members to be able to talk to the services they provide and the opportunities they can offer as well as having a staff member talk to the students about their roles and their future aspirations. A further update will be provided in our next newsletter.

NZSA Integrity Line member benefit
The NZSA Integrity Line will be launched on the 1st April.

Our team are currently developing marketing collateral that our members will be able to utlilise in promoting the service to their staff and we expect that this information, along with confirmation of the 0800 number and full details on how the service will operate, will be distributed to our members by mid-March.

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the Integrity Line will provide all employees of participating members with access to a totally confidential service where they can report issues such as bullying, sexual harassment, poor employment conditions, illegal practices such as theft or drug dealing and other matters of concern that may be occurring in the workplace. The service is particularly valuable where employees are reluctant to speak up or report matters due to fears that by doing so it may affect their employment or risk further victimisation.

The service will be free to our members and will be provided by CrimeStoppers who obviously have considerable experience at handling sensitive calls in a confidential manner.

Virtual reality training platform for delivery of CoA Unit Standards
This is a very exciting development for the industry as we look to use leading edge technology to provide a training option that will address existing concerns around the access to training, the quality of training materials and inconsistency of training delivery, and literacy related difficulties.

Our focus in working with MSD in the development of the virtual reality training platform is to ensure that the industry has access to training that will provide the best possible learning outcomes. We do not intend to deliver the training – that will remain the function of the existing training providers. Furthermore, it needs to be recognised that virtual reality may not be suitable for all learners or circumstances and therefore the use of the virtual reality training platform will be an option for those being trained and not the only method of delivery.

Our software developer, JBA, have been working closely with Skills over the last two months on understanding the legislative and regulative requirements that must be met under the Act and for NZQA and discussing how assessment criteria can be established and measured. The next phase will involve the developer scoping scenarios that align with the necessary training outcomes and the involvement of a small working group in evaluating and critiquing those scenarios.

Timelines for the launch of the virtual reality training platform are still to be finalised but at this time we expect a date in the second half of this year.

Good Practice Guideline
The New Zealand Security Industry Good Practice Guideline has been reviewed by the endorsement panel at WorkSafe in the last week of February and we are currently waiting for any feedback and confirmation to launch the document.

It is very pleasing to see that a number of major customers, who have had access to the draft document, have immediately included reference to the Guideline within their tender and contract documents and we view this as a positive step for the industry and lifting standards.

Increase in minimum wage and living wage
A reminder to all members that the minimum wage increases from $17.70 per hour to $18.90 per hour effective 1st April 2020. There will also be an announcement during April as to what has been determined as the new living wage, currently $21.15 per hour.

Fair Pay Agreements
The most recent update from Minister Iain Lees-Galloways office states “Consultation on options for implementing FPA’s ended on 27th November. We are working through that feedback and I will seek agreement on the final design of the FPA’s from all three parties of government in the next few months”.

NZISF – New Zealand Information Security Forum
The NZISF was founded in 1995 and since 2001 has operated as a Special Interest Group of the NZSA. The forum is overseen by Lech Janczewski, Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, and provides an independent forum for those with an interest in security information issues including independent consultants, security professionals with responsibility for information security, academics and those studying information security related fields.

Morning meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at the School of Business, University of Auckland and new attendees are always welcome. Visit our website for more information, meeting topics and contact details.

NZSA audit programme
The NZSA audit programme provides members with the opportunity to be audited against the applicable Codes of Practice and where the standards with the Codes of Practice are met, to be recognised as an Accredited Member.

The audit process generally requires either one or two days depending on the range of services provided and on completion the party being audited is provided with an audit report with detailed recommendations and if necessary, mandated improvements. The intent of the audit is to provide an independent assessment verifying that the member operates in compliance with current good practice and to assist the member with continuous improvement. Where business deficiencies are identified, the audit report will provide recommendations on how improvements can be achieved and will often be supported with template documents or processes. The audits are valid for five years but require an annual declaration confirming that there have been no material changes to the business ownership, operation or premises. For more information on the NZSA audits contact [email protected].

New Zealand Security Awards
This years awards event will be held in the Christchurch Town Hall on the evening of Friday 21st August.

The event provides an opportunity to recognise our stand-out performers across the wide range of services covered by our industry.

We will be providing information on the nomination process for award candidates and bookings for the event over coming months, however I encourage all business owners and managers to get behind the event and to take the opportunity to support and recognise your star employees.

As always, we welcome all comments and feedback.

Kind Regards

Gary Morrison


Security Training and Professional Development SIG

Submitted by Andy Gollings, Chairperson

The SIG met for the first time in 2020 recently and this meeting was used to review progress for our industry and to reset some priorities for the coming year. 2019 was a very positive year for security training. With a significant increase in cross industry collaboration, we were able to create some momentum for positive change for our industry.

Recent progress for industry training

  • Connected with NZQA to ensure that our industry is supported and represented at the highest level.
  • Finalisation of the new Level 3 Qualification, with two training providers already underway with the delivery of this.
  • Continued development of a new Level 4 Qualification which is nearing completion. We are now developing the guidelines for instructors of the High Risk Units included in this qualification.
  • Supported a Skills review of the delivery and assessment tools for the mandatory Certificate of Approval (COA) Units, this includes an innovative approach by the NZSA to utilise virtual reality (VR) technology. Updated materials, including VR are planned to be available by July 2020.
  • Confirmation that the NZ Certificates in Electronic Security are well under way with 60 participants in the Level 3 Qualification and the Level 4 Security Technician apprenticeship qualification almost complete.

Survey of industry
For 2020 we will continue to identify ways that we can improve the quality, availability and suitability of training. Our industry is growing and demands upon us for personnel are continually increasing. This is an important time to ensure that our standards are maintained, if not improved, as the safety of our staff and our customers depends on this. To this end we will be developing a survey of industry to identify areas that industry training can be improved and your participation is important.

Expectations of COA training
We have recently been made aware that there are some inconsistencies in the quality of the training for the mandatory COA Units with short-cutting of both delivery and assessment occurring. These claims are being investigated but it is important to remember the reason for, and some basic expectations of, this training. Basic training and awareness of Security Law and Conflict Management are the only things that enable an entry level security officer to keep themselves and their customers safe and to stay on the right side of the law regarding the use of force, etc. Corners should not be cut in the delivery of this training as this has a direct impact upon the safety of our staff. All trainers of the Conflict Management Units are required to have undertaken specific training, including refresher training, and be on a Register of Trainers held by Skills. It is also important to note that there are specific requirements for what is trained and how this is trained. A full day of conflict management training role play and assessment is prescribed as this is a key component to preparing our staff to manage these situations. If you are concerned please contact NZSA for advice.

We are committed to raising industry standards and your feedback and input is essential. Please direct any questions or concerns you have to the NZSA so that we can work together to ensure our customers and our staff are provided the quality support that they deserve.

HR update – minimum wage increase and Coronavirus

Submitted by Livewire HR, the providers of the NZSA HR Advisory Service:

A big change coming up in April is the minimum wage change and this means updating your employment agreements. The good news is that you don’t need to do an entirely new agreement. A “Variation to Terms of Agreement Letter” that details the change and is signed by both parties is enough. For more information please see Livewire HR’s blog.

Another big topic at the moment is the Coronavirus. To keep your staff and customers safe it’s important to take extra care when it comes to potential health risks. Applications for time off for self-isolation or doctors appointments are likely to come up, so here is what you need to know if any employee requests time off or special leave because of Coronavirus:

– Sick leave requested for a doctor visit or for illness should be treated the same as any other sickness.
– An employee can’t be directed to use their sick leave entitlement by an employer if they are requiring an employee to take an absence of leave for self-isolation, if the employee exhibits symptoms,
or has been in an area with documented cases.
– Employees who wish to self-isolate because of recent travel, or who are recommended to do so by a healthcare professional, should be allowed to take this leave unpaid, or if they have it available,
then they may request to use their annual leave entitlements.

Employment New Zealand have further information to ensure your workplace is prepared and Livewire HR’s blog discusses managing Coronavirus in the workplace.

Ministry of Education funding – connecting students to careers in the security industry

The NZSA has received funding from the Ministry of Education to run vocational events to promote careers within the security industry.

The funding covers ten events to be run over the next 12 months which will connect students and representatives from our member companies to showcase the opportunities within the security industry.

The events will be run in Manukau, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Gisborne, Palmerston North, Wellington/Hutt Valley, Marlborough, Christchurch and Northland.

If you are interested in attending an event and discussing the career opportunities in your region please contact Andrea Charlton at NZSA. [email protected].

International Security Officers’ Day

Over recent years there has been significant growth in support for the 24th July (24/7) being recognised as International Security Officers’ Day.

The NZSA fully supports this initiative and the need to recognise the efforts and contribution of our Security Officers and we have arranged for the production of celebratory badges, attached to a card, that can be presented to and worn by you and your staff.

If you would like to order badges please email us and we will arrange production and delivery. The badges are $2.00 + gst each.

Member Benefit – NZSA HR Advisory Service

NZSA is partnering with Livewire HR to provide access to free HR advice, as well as templated key documents and policies.

Call              HR LIVE (0800 475 483)

Email            [email protected]

Livewire HR will provide an immediate response to enquiries received between the normal business hours of 8am to 6pm and will be able to provide best practice advice and personalised guidance on employment issues.

Where further support is required outside of these services, Livewire HR can provide these at preferential rates exclusive to NZSA members.

This is a fantastic offering for our members and their management staff, in particular those smaller companies who do not have access to in-house or contracted HR expertise. Please share this with your line managers, supervisors and staff who may have a need for this great HR service.

Services and documents available include:

  • HR advice and guidance
  • Employment Agreements – permanent,
  • fixed term, casual
  • Position Descriptions
  • Policy documents
  • Updates on legislation and best practice


Regional Visits

Gary Morrison, CEO of the NZSA, will be conducting regional visits to meet with members and non-members.

9-10 March           – Hamilton and Tauranga
20-21 April           – Rotorua and Taup
13-14 May             – Hawkes Bay
10-12 June            – New Plymouth, Whanganui and Palmerston North
9-10 July               – Christchurch
14-15 September – Wellington
8-9 October          – Nelson and Blenheim
11-13 November  – Dunedin, Invercargill and Queenstown

If you are interested in meeting with Gary please email [email protected].



We welcome the following new Corporate Members:

BK Security Limited

ISCS New Zealand Limited

Waiheke Documents and Security Limited


And the following new Associate Individual member:

Nicholas Martin



National Security Conference

15 April 2020
Massey University, Auckland

Organised by the team at the Centre for Defence & Security Studies at Massey University the key themes of the conference will be:

–  Countering terrorism, racism and xenophobia
–  Information and cyber-security
–  Security implications of climate change
–  Regional security and the Pacific Re-set

To register your interest please email [email protected]


Foundations for Future Networks

Exhibition & Conference

5 May 2020
Ellersie Event Centre, Auckland

What’s on:

  • Expert guest speakers in Technology, Cyber Security, ICT Infrastructure and Workplace Safety and Well being
  • Latest ICT Infrastructure products and services from the country’s leading suppliers
  • Network with hundreds of your peers at this free and fully catered event.

Contact [email protected] for more information.


New Zealand Women’s Leadership Symposium

20-21 May 2020
Pullman, Auckland

The New Zealand Women’s Leadership Symposium focuses on the experiences of women leaders in the contemporary workforce.  The event will feature a range of presentations, panel discussions and interactive sessions covering a range of topics.

Keynote speakers include the Topp Twins, Julie Anne Genter, Karen Walker, Suzy Kato, Mavis Mullins, Angela Swann-Cronin, Charlotte Lockhard, Minnie Baragwanath and many more.

An NZSA attendance discount of 25% is available by entering the code ANSY20 at the time of booking (available until sold out). For more information and to book visit the website.


2020 Security Exhibition & Conference

22-24 July 2020
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Organised by Diversified Communications Australia in partnership with ASIAL, the 35th annual event will feature an exhibition display, security conference and networking drinks.


New Zealand Security Awards

21 August 2020
Christchurch Town Hall

This year’s Awards ceremony will be held in Christchurch on Friday 21 August. Make sure you save the date!