NZSA Newsletter – July 2023


Welcome to our July 2023 newsletter.

I recently spent several days manning our stand at the Facilities Integrate expo including BuildNZ and The National Safety Show.

The number of security exhibitors was slightly down on last year, but it was pleasing to see that the foot traffic was up significantly and many of the attendees were key decision makers within their organisations. General feedback from the exhibitors was very positive however there was also strong feedback that there has been a noticeable slow-down in the wider economy and with many larger contracts – particularly within the government (national and local body) sectors – being put on hold or even withdrawn. That certainly aligns with recent surveys showing a decline in business confidence and the general sentiment that we are in for some tough times ahead.

I appreciate that my report this month is rather comprehensive but hopefully provides some evidence of the work that we are currently engaged in on behalf of the industry and our stakeholders.


FPA (Fair Pay Agreements) update
This is a very significant issue for the industry and one that we are spending a lot of time on. As one of the first industries to navigate the new FPA legislation it is very evident that the process and the obligations on all parties are administratively complex and will almost certainly result in unintended consequences.

We have issued a number of updates to members and established a sperate mailing database for those who are directly impacted by the FPA coverage and that we will use for more detailed information – particularly if we do proceed to bargaining.

If you do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss on either [email protected] or 021 1229606.


Changes to NZSA Board
We have recently had some changes to our board with the resignation of Caroline Halton (Cityguard Security) following her accepting a new position outside of the security industry, and the secondment of two new board members, Nicky Jones (Independent representative, self-employed) and Teresa Seux (General Manager Human Resources, Advanced Security Group).

Nicky and Teresa bring specialist strategic management, human resources and industrial engagement skills to the board and they have been seconded through to the 2024 AGM where they will be required to re-stand for election.


Saved a Life Medal recipient
Congratulations to our latest recipient of the Saved a Life Medal, Thomas Tofilau, from Armourguard in Auckland.

To see the full story of Thomas’s heroic actions, please see the NZSA website.

We also remind our members, and wider public, that nominations can be submitted via the NZSA website.


Launch of new Member Benefit Programme
Our member benefit programmes provide an important opportunity for our members to source frequently used services through quality providers and at preferential rates.

We are pleased to introduce two new member benefit programmes from July.

Please refer later in this newsletter for details of our newly launched programmes with the following partner organisations – Strategic Defence and GuardhouseHQ.


Conclusion of MSD SFI (Skills for Industry) Programme
It is with regret that I advise that our Skills for Industry Work Broker Programme with MSD concluded on 30 June.

The NZSA was the first industry association to partner with MSD some six years ago and in the proceeding years we have placed in excess of 600 MSD candidates into full-time employment with our members.

Unfortunately, the changing employment conditions have severely impacted onto the placement numbers being generated through the SFI programme and hence the financial viability for industry associations such as the NZSA.

We provided notice to MSD that we would not renew our contract this year and that prompted MSD to reassess their strategic direction and to bypass industry screening providers and to use their internal teams to work directly with employers.

The good news is that funding is now allocated directly to employers and where candidates who meet MSD specified criteria are employed, the employer can apply for the Flexi-wage Subsidy.

Employers can list vacancies and access their free recruitment services by calling 0800 778008.


NZSA Training Hub
We are very pleased to advise we will be including the Foundation Security Core Skills Training programme to the resources and materials available on the NZSA Training Hub which will be launched soon.

The Foundation Security Core Skills Training programme has been developed by Quinton Swanson (Q) from Hard Target who is one of New Zealand’s leading security training experts and was instrumental in the original development of the Mandatory Training that is a pre-requirement for obtaining a Certificate of Approval as a Security Officer.

The foundation programme is designed to provide comprehensive “refresher training” and to further develop the competencies and skills of those in security officer roles.

We will send updates once we’re ready to launch.


Update for Employment Agreements
The Employment Relations (Extended Time for Personal Grievance for Sexual Harassment) Amendment Act 2023 came into force on 13 June.

We recommend that members include the following wording into their employment agreements, ideally located in the “personal grievance” section of the agreement.

Personal Grievances
If the problem is a personal grievance for sexual harassment, then you must raise it within 12 months of when the facts that give rise to the grievance occur or come to your attention. In respect of other personal grievance, then you must raise it with the Employer within 90 days of when the facts that give rise to the grievance occur or come to your attention. A personal grievance can only be raised outside the applicable time frame (12 months or 90 days) with agreement of the Employer or in exceptional circumstances.


Application for inclusion of Security Technicians on Green List
We have recently submitted an application to MBIE seeking the inclusion of Security Technicians onto the Green List as part of their annual review of approved roles.

From our initial feedback, we have met the qualifying criteria and have cause for confidence pending the publication of the updated Green List, scheduled for late July.

We will certainly keep members posted on any news.


Security Technician Training Options
We recently distributed an update on the training qualification options available for Electronic Security staff and including available funding options.


New Zealand Certificate in Security (NZCiS) Level 3 training options
We recently distributed an update on the NZCiS Level 3 qualification from Te Pukenga and confirming cost ($150), duration (10 months), content and delivery (online LMS).

We also note that NZSA member PTE’s Ignite College and Stratcom are also delivering the NZCiS Level 3 Qualification – contact details can be found on the NZSA website.


Filming in Public Places (Security Good Practice Guideline)
Earlier this year we were approached by one of our members seeking guidance on the law surrounding the filming of staff whilst they are providing crowd control or security services as part of their role.

As we are all aware, the filming of security staff has become very common place. Most members of the public have immediate access to mobile phones with high quality filming capability and other technologies such as Go-Pro, Dash-cam and drones, meaning that security staff should be aware that their actions are likely to be recorded at any time.

It is important that security operators and their staff have knowledge of the law surrounding the use of mobile phones and similar devices for filming in public places. Security staff also need to be aware of, and to be trained, in the practices that should be followed to ensure that they act legally and professionally when filmed by members of the public.

We have included a section headed “Managing public filming whilst providing Crowd Control duties in public spaces” within the Security Services Good Practice Guideline that can be accessed on our website – click here to view.


New Zealand Security Awards event
The NZSA team has been very busy with planning arrangements for this years NZ Awards Event to be held on the evening of Friday 15 September at the iconic Te Pae Events Centre in Christchurch.

This will be our third attempt at holding the event in Christchurch with the last two events cancelled due to Covid restrictions. Fingers and toes are all crossed for this year!

Make sure you have the date in your diary and look out for information coming out shortly with regards to the nomination process across the 19 award categories and booking details.


As always, we welcome all comments and feedback on NZSA or industry issues and activity.

Keep safe and well.

Kind Regards
Gary Morrison


NZSA / Security Industry updates

Foundation Security Core Skills – new training course coming soon
Created by Quinton Swanson of Hard Target, this course covers understanding of legislation, tactical communication, body language and projection, weapon awareness, teamwork and tactical awareness. We will announce the launch soon.


3G sunset – impact on security alarm monitoring
The security alarm monitoring landscape in New Zealand has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. The upgrades to the PSTN network have made it largely unsuitable for a multitude of security alarms. As a result, many alarms have migrated to IP and GSM monitoring paths. However, another challenge is on the horizon with the upcoming closure of the Vodafone 3G network in August 2024.

It is crucial for alarm installers to recognize the implications of the 3G sunset and take proactive measures to plan module upgrades for their clients well in advance.


International Security Officers’ Day
International Security Officers’ Day, celebrated on 24 July, is an opportunity to say thank you to Security Officers for keeping us safe 24/7.

Celebrating International Security Officers’ Day is simple. As an individual you can acknowledge any Security Officers you see on the day by smiling and saying thank you.

For security companies and customers there is a range of things you can do, here’s a few suggestions:

  • Send an email to your staff acknowledging the day and to thank them for their service.
  • Organise a morning tea or make a site visit to say thank you in person.
  • Mention Security Officers’ Day on your social media with a thanks to your staff.

On behalf of the NZSA team we would like to say a big thank you to all security officers and acknowledge the great work that you do keeping us safe.


New Zealand Security Awards 2023
The New Zealand Security Awards this year will be held on Friday 15 September at Te Pae Convention Centre, Christchurch.

We will announce when nominations and event registrations open in July.

We have two accommodation deals, book now to secure your early bird price:

Crowne Plaza Christchurch

Accor Group – Ibis Christchurch & Novotel Christchurch


Partner updates

Ringa Hora training survey
Ringa Hora have created a survey regarding the upcoming standard review and development of skills standards. It is a short survey with three questions.

To complete the survey please click HERE.


Waihanga Ara Rau
There is a desperate need for skilled data cablers across many industry sectors (including electronic security) however there’s no formal, entry level training for the data cabling industry.

Waihanga Ara Rau is currently bringing together a number of technical specialists to help develop a new entry-level cabling qualification and new skills standards.

If any NZSA member has appropriately skilled staff with an interest in joining the TAG (Technical Advisory Group) that will give guidance on the qualification and skills standards, please contact Sue Joyce on [email protected].



How recovery at work benefits your business

People are key to business success, so when an injury happens, it can have a big impact.

New ACC resources explain the benefits of recovery at work for an injured person, your team, and your business, including:

  • hanging on to your employee’s skills and expertise
  • saving on recruiting and training new staff
  • helping to build a positive work environment
  • showing a commitment to employee wellbeing.

Find out about recovery at work.


Your ACC Invoice will be available from July 2023 – Get more control of your ACC account with MyACC for Business

It’s easy to manage your ACC account with their digital self-service platform, MyACC for Business.

Whether you want to access information about your employees’ work-related claims, view and pay your levy invoice, get your invoices by email, or use live chat to talk to a customer service representative, MyACC for Business provides you with a fast and secure way to manage your ACC account online.

Join the hundreds of thousands of other businesses who have already made the move online and visit MyACC for Business to sign up. All you’ll need is your ACC or IR number and email address.


It’s time to check your ACC details are correct

If you’re an employer, you’ll receive your ACC levy invoice from July onwards. Checking and updating your policy details now in MyACC for Business will mean that you get invoiced the right amount.

What do you need to check?

ACC uses the below details to calculate your levy, so you need to make sure they’re correct.

  • Classification Unit (CU)
  • Provisional Payroll estimate
  • Employment status – are you working full or part time, or have you ceased trading?

It’s also a good time to check your contact details are correct and that your communications preference is set to “email”. For more information on ACC levy invoicing for 2023 visit the ACC website.


MBIE – Brave in Business e-learning
Do you want to work smarter, run your business more effectively and improve your mental and physical wellbeing?

Introducing MBIE’s new e-learning series, Brave in Business.

The micro-courses will help you learn to focus on what matters most to you and your business so that you can make the most of your time and energy. Brought to you in partnership with Spark Business Lab.

For further information please visit the MBIE website.



Women’s leadership scholarships
Women & Leadership New Zealand is currently offering professional development scholarships for the NZSA staff and members. The scholarships are open to women across all areas of the security sector, and we encourage you to share this opportunity with your members.

Women & Leadership New Zealand (WLNZ) supports women at all levels across all sectors and industries. Our career-defining leadership programs bring together a focus on applied learning with the latest in leadership theory and practice. We believe that advancing gender equity, especially in leadership, is central to creating a more fair and inclusive society.

For further information please visit the WLNZ website.


NZSA Membership

We welcome the following new Corporate Member:

Stratcom Security

and the following new Associate Individual Members:

Gavin Clark

Graham Free

Houssam Albaba



Simprosium Roadshow
The Simprosium Roadshow is coming soon to Australia and New Zealand.

We have not one, but FOUR events where you can connect, hear advice from local experts and find out what’s in the works at Simpro.

This full-day event will be attended by 100+ trade business owners and leaders sharing their expert insights on the trades.

You’ll enjoy:

🎫  A sponsor expo to meet our expert Simpro partners

🎫  Live demos of Simpro’s newest and upcoming features

🎫  Forming new relationships during breakout sessions Simpro’s Sundowner event

NZSA Members can SAVE 20% on the registration with the code NASA20! Grab your tickets now for a full day of talking and learning everything trades and field services.

Register here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

🎫  Auckland, New Zealand | 21 September

🎫  Brisbane, Australia | 5 October

🎫  Melbourne, Australia | 10 October

🎫  Sydney, Australia | 12 October



COA Conflict Management Training – Train the Trainer and Refresher Training for Trainers
As the industry peak body, the NZSA has appointed Bespoke Security Group and Hard Target to deliver the Conflict Management Refresher Training programmes around the country. These providers are subject matter experts in their own right and will ensure that those who are approved to deliver the Conflict Management Training meet necessary standards.

The next training is being conducted by Bespoke Security Group in Mt Wellington, Auckland in late July.

To register your interest please email [email protected].

Please note: the Conflict Management Refresher course includes assessment activity.


NZISF breakfast meeting

Topic:  Share or not to share: investigator factors that influence Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing (CIS) across organisations in New Zealand

This study investigates the factors that influence cybersecurity intelligence sharing (CIS) across organisations. Although CIS helps organisations protect their critical information assets, manage cyber risks, and improve cyber operations, there is still limited information available regarding the factors that influence the adoption of CIS within organisations in New Zealand. By synthesising relevant literature on cybersecurity intelligence sharing and conducting interviews with cybersecurity professionals in New Zealand, we deconstructed the concept of CIS and developed a theoretical framework that can explain the current state of CIS in New Zealand.

When: 8:00am Thursday 13 July 2023 via zoom

For further information and to register please see NZISF.


Member Benefits

Strategic Defence
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Strategic Defence.

Strategic Defence provides specialist protective products to members of the security industry. These products include stab/ballistic vests, boots, fog-free protective eyewear, hand-held metal detectors, flashlights, and many more. NZSA members qualify for between 10-20% discount. Expert advice, support, and unmatched service.

For more information see the Strategic Defence website.


We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Guardhouse.

Guardhouse is an end-to-end workforce management system custom built for NZ security companies. Founded in Australia, Guardhouse is Australia’s leading security specific workforce solution, bringing our product innovation and unique workflow optimisation to the NZ market saving our clients both time and money. Our values that drive your success are customer obsessed, developing unique partnerships, simple yet powerful product design and consistent innovation and R&D.

Some of the funcationality includes, Rostering, Time & Attendance, Payroll & Invoicing + integration to accounting and payroll systemts, Welfare Checks, Incident Reporitng, Compliance Management, Company and Site SOPs with digitial signiture, Customer Portal Access, Tours and Patorls module and much more.

For more information see the Guardhouse website and blog.


NZSA HR Advisory Service
A reminder to members that SuccessHR are human resource consultants available for any employment support regarding your employees.

Support offered at no expense to our members is telephone communication support eg. disciplinary, performance. You also have access to individual employment agreements. Any additional support would be charged to you accordingly.

For any support or further information please contact:

Susan Beange
Human Resources Team Lead
[email protected]
021 929 528

Emma Johnston
Human Resources Specialist
[email protected]
021 659 456


Building Networks Compliance Guidance
Building Networks are the leading authority on building compliance and they are offering a 20% discount for members.

For industry news, updates, tips and opinions from the frontline, sign up to the Building Networks newsletter or visit their YouTube channel.


NZSA have an agreement with Mobilcard offering members fuel discounts

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 16 cents per litre (including GST) discount off the pump price for all diesel and petrol purchased at a discounted Mobilcard acceptor sites. Minimum discount of 12 cents per litre (including GST).
  • Available at 330+ sites nationwide. View to find an acceptor site near you.
  • No card or transaction fees.
  • No need to manage receipts for tax purposes, all managed under one account.
  • Costs can be tracked easily with one monthly invoice. You can also have online access to multiple reports including the fuel consumed by individual vehicles.
  • PIN number and purchase restrictions for added security.
  • You must be a member of the NZSA to qualify for this offer.

A vehicle consuming 100 litres per week using a discount of up to 6 cents per litre = $6 discount per week..

A vehicle consuming 100 litres per week using the NZSA MOBILCARD discount of up to 16cents per litre = $16 discount per week

For a company fleet of 20 vehicles that’s potentially an annual saving of over $10,000 per annum.

The discount level is dependent on volume of fuel used per annum.

For further information please email [email protected].


First Aid and Refresher Training
Life Care Consultants have extensive experience with first aid training in the security industry and are offering NZSA members a 10% discount on all first aid and refresher training.

For further information please email Russell Taylor [email protected].


Keeping your team up to date

Like many organisations we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we can communicate effectively with our members and their teams. The best way to stay up to date on NZSA and industry news is via our newsletter. The more people from each company who receive our newsletter, the higher the chance of updates being communicated within the industry.

With this in mind, we welcome you to send us any company contacts who would like to receive our newsletter and we will add them to our distribution list.

Please email any contacts to [email protected].


NZSA member referral – strength in numbers

NZSA’s membership has grown strongly over the past year and each new member not only strengthens the Association and the security community, it also enables us to provide you with more benefits and services and a greater voice for the industry. So help grow your community and strengthen your Association by referring a prospective new member.

To refer a prospective member please email details to [email protected]. For details on member benefits please see the NZSA website.