NZSA Electronic Security Training – Access Control “Good Practice” Workshop

Learn the good practice approach to installations through to IQP inspections

The NZSA have collaborated with Rosemary Killip of Building Networks NZ, and Lincoln Potter, independent security consultant, to bring to you a 3.5 hour workshop that provides a great opportunity for industry participants to learn about, and update their knowledge, on the requirements for compliance documents and what constitutes “good practice” under the industry Standards and NZSA Code of Practice.

Our presenters are subject matter experts and will deliver an interactive and hands-on learning session where attendees will see, and be able to comment on, what constitutes good practice versus poor practice.

Who should attend?

The workshop will be ideally suited to:
Access Control IQPs
Security Technicians

Also welcome to attend:
NZCiES Level 3 Candidates
Entry-level Technicians
Apprentice Technicians

Conflicts of security and egress
Customer needs versus compliance requirements
Design and installation
Servicing and maintenance
Actions and takeaways

To register please visit the NZSA website.

The NZSA team.