NZSA Security Business Update

Whilst our recent focus has correctly been on navigating the ever changing and rapidly evolving Covid-19 landscape, we also need to be mindful that normal business matters cannot be ignored, particularly around legislative compliance and ensuring continuation of critical administrative functions.


Increase in Minimum Wage

The minimum wage increases to $18.90 effective 1st April 2020.


Statutory Holiday Entitlements

The following Statutory Holidays fall during April:

– Good Friday                     Friday 10th April

– Easter Monday                 Monday 13th April

– Anzac Day                        Saturday 25th April

– Anzac Day observance    Monday 27th April

Southland Anniversary Day is also observed on Tuesday 14th April.

Employers must ensure compliance with all entitlements for staff working on those days or who are normally rostered to work on those days.

If you have any questions or concerns about payroll or HR matters, please remember that NZSA members can receive free expert advice by contacting our HR Advisory Service:

Phone:       HR LIVE (0800 475 483)

Email:        [email protected]


Launch of Integrity Line Service for Members

The launch of the NZSA Integrity Line service originally targeted for the 1st April will be slightly delayed but we expect to have a full overview of the service, and template staff letters and posters, ready for delivery to our members within the next few weeks.

We appreciate that the timing may not be ideal for some of our members but for those who have lost work this may be an opportunity to focus on the business rather than working in it, and the Integrity Line service would provide a good news story for employees given that it is focused on the safety and welfare of staff.


NZSA Membership Invoices

Over the next week we will be issuing our invoices for the 2020/2021 membership year. Again we appreciate that the timing is not ideal, however we also recognise the importance of maintaining core functions and ensuring individual business financial viability.

Please note that we are happy for the invoices to be paid by monthly instalment or to arrange deferred payment where necessary and request that you contact Tacia with your invoice number on [email protected] or 0273 817724 to discuss options.

We would also like to suggest to all non NZSA members receiving our communications that this may be a good time to assess the value of membership. The application forms are available on our website and at this time we do not require the statutory declaration to be JP witnessed.

Stay safe and keep well.

From the NZSA team.