NZSA and MSD contract for Entry Level Security Technicians

We are pleased to announce that the NZSA and MSD have entered into a new contract under the SFI (Skills for Industry) programme that targets the placement of candidates into full-time employment as Junior (Entry Level) Security Technicians.

The contract is for a five month trial and will cover all regions, however it is restricted to NZSA Members only.

Under the contract the NZSA will provide our members with candidates in the 18 to 24 age group. The candidates will have been screened to ensure that they should be able to obtain a CoA (i.e have declared that no material criminal convictions etc) and that they have demonstrated employable skills and attitudes. There is no obligation on our members to employ any candidate whom they interview.

If a member does offer the candidate full-time employment (being 30+ hours per week) we will supply and pay for the following:

  • CoA application
  • Enrolment in the Foundation Training Programme for Entry Level Security Technicians
  • A tool kit and full range of tools
  • A laptop
  • Safety boots

The obligations on the member employer are:

  • To offer full-time employment
  • To support the candidate in undertaking and completing the Foundation Training Programme
  • Subject to satisfactory completion of the Foundation Training Programme and work performance, to enrol the candidate into the Level 3 NZCiES qualification within three months of their completing the Foundation Training.

If you wish to register your interest in participating in the programme can you please email our CEO, Gary Morrison, including your company name, the person within your organisation to contact, and a brief description of the vacancy and any specific requirements you may have for the role. Gary will make contact with you to discuss any potential candidates that we identify.

Please feel free to contact Gary on [email protected] with your details and any questions you may have.

From the NZSA Team