My Health and Safety






My Health & Safety was created by HR expert Rebecca Cook in response to the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, in order to help businesses fulfil their legal obligations and act diligently. In other words, to help them do the right thing. The online system is simple to use and competitively priced, so that it’s suitable for any business, regardless of size or industry.


  • No more paperwork – it’s all online
  • Purpose designed by specialists
  • Personalised – your information, unique to your company
  • Readily accessible – you can use it anywhere, anytime
  • Secure – built-in levels of security/individual passwords
  • Interactive – provides up to date dashboard of site stats
  • Cost-effective –based on number of employees

My Health & Safety offers you and your people instant online access to essential tools and templates, including Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Risk Assessment, Incident Reporting, Hazard Identification, Risk Register, H&S and Toolbox meeting structure, Contractor Management and Manuals and Policies.

NZSA members receive a free trial and on purchase receive six months free when you sign up for one year.

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