Graded Security Monitoring Centres

NZSA members who provide Alarm Monitoring services and complete the Accreditation process must comply with Australian Standard AS 2201.2-2004.

The standard provides the requirements for the grading of construction of monitoring centres and the grading of equipment and staffing of monitoring centres used for the remote monitoring of intruder alarm systems.

Building services and construction are graded on a scale of A to C (A being most resistant to attack) and Operations, equipment and staffing are graded on a scale from 1 to 3 (1 having the highest performance).

The standard was implemented in 2004 and is currently undergoing a review that is expected to recognise alternative building service and construction methods where they demonstrate comparative or enhanced resistance to attack.

A listing of Graded Monitoring Centres in New Zealand can be downloaded here: NZSA_Graded Security Monitoring Centres.