Are you a company or a sole trader?

  • You must have a licence for each class of service that you provide.
  • All staff that you employ who provide a private security service must hold a valid COA (Certificate of Approval) or licence for that class of service.
  • You cannot employ staff to perform private security services that you are not licensed for.
  • Companies and sole traders must file an annual return each year they hold a licence.

Are you a security employee?

  • You must hold a valid COA for the service you provide.
  • You cannot be employed for a service without a COA
  • You need to prove that you have the training or skills required for the class of service you are providing
  • You must clearly display your COA badge at all times when working, unless you have a reasonable and genuine reason to believe this would make you and/or others unsafe.

Temporary COA’s and Emergency Appointments

  • The PSPLA (Private Security Personnel Licencing Authority) can issue temporary COA’s that last three months to allow staff to complete mandatory training.
  • Applications can be declined if training is not completed by the end of the three month period.
  • The PSPLA can issue an emergency appointment COA that lasts two weeks to allow you to employ more staff.
  • Emergency appointment COA’s will only be granted in a genuine emergency.  Special approval by the Authority is required.

You must let the PSLPA know immediately if:

  • Your registered office changes.
  • You want to add or remove a place of business.
  • You want to add or remove an officer of a company.
  • You want to add or remove a class of service to your licence.
  • You are no longer eligible for your licence or certificate under ss62-63.
  • You have misplaced your licence and need a replacement.
  • You are the holder of a COA and you change your name or residential address.

The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 (the PSPPI) applies to these services:

  • Property Guard – guards, property and/or monitors burglar alarms, warning devices and cameras.
  • Security Technician – installs, removes or repairs burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks and cameras.
  • Security Consultant – sells burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks, cameras and guard services.
  • Personal Guard Service – guards a specific person.
  • Crowd Controller – screens entry, keeps order, and removes people if necessary.
  • Repossession Agent – repossesses consumer goods on behalf of a creditor.
  • Confidential Document Destruction – collects and destroys confidential documents.

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