Business Continuity Plan Template







NZSA is partnered with BCP Builder to provide access to a free Business Continuity Plan Template.

Members who join BCP Builder will be able to create their own personalised Business Continuity Plan following the simple instructions and training available through the BCP Builder website. Your plan can be published at any stage of the process to produce a fully formatted and branded PDF to share.

BCP Builder is based on the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines and the requirements of ISO 22301. This means you can write your plan in confidence, knowing that you are meeting all requirements.


In addition to the Business Continuity Plan Template, members will also receive guidance on creating a Business Continuity Policy and Exercise Programme.

Services and documents available include:

  • Business Continuity Plan Template
  • Business Continuity Policy Template
  • Exercise Report Template

NZSA members should email [email protected]  to receive a discount code, which can be redeemed for a free subscription to BCP Builder at

Note: this benefit is available for Corporate and Associate Company members only.

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