Important message from NZSA and PSPLA

Since the lockdown period, the PSPLA has processed approximately 3,800 applications for Temporary (Blue) Certificates of Approval, however the conversion rate to the full (Green) Certificate of Approval remains relatively low. Whilst some of the applicants may have left the industry, it appears that a number of security providers have taken advantage of the three month time extension for completion of the mandatory training, and have yet to complete the required three unit standards.

This places unacceptable risk on employees and of particular concern, it appears that some providers are utilising staff on Temporary CoA’s on sensitive sites, including quarantine hotels and testing sites.

Trish McConnell has advised that the PSPLA will cease approving third Temporary CoA’s (other than genuine examples in remote locations where training cannot be easily accessed) from the end of next week, being three months from the date that the country moved to Level 2 and industry training recommenced.

Staff who have not completed the mandatory training within the Temporary CoA window will effectively be operating without a licence and will leave both their employer, and the individual, open to prosecution should they continue to provide services.

The NZSA recommends members review records for all staff on Temporary CoA’s and ensure that necessary training is scheduled well before the expiry date. We would also suggest that best practice dictates that staff on Temporary CoA’s should only be utilised on sensitive sites as a last option and that training for these staff must be prioritised.

The NZSA team.