Government announces apprenticeship support programme and targeted training and apprenticeship fund

The government has announced an Apprenticeship Support Programme targeted at initiatives that will help employers to retain and bring on new apprentices. This follows on from another announcement earlier this month that provides a 100% fee subsidy for qualifying vocational education programmes, including the electrical engineering and electronic sector.

These programmes will provide benefit to those security providers who have existing apprentices or are looking to employ new apprentices, and in particular the Apprentice Boost Initiative which will provide employers with support payments of up to $12,000 per first year apprentice and $6,000 per second year apprentice.

It is important to note however that whilst these programmes have been announced, the supporting documentation has yet to be provided and we understand that the funding will not be available until July for the Fee’s Free Initiative and August for the Apprenticeship Boost Initiative.

The NZSA will issue further guidance on qualifying for and accessing these initiatives as soon as the information becomes available.

From the NZSA team.