Recipients of the Saved a Life Medal


Caption: L-R: Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard), Gloria Peea and Shane O’Halloran (General Manager, Armourguard)


Gloria Peea is employed by Armourguard Security at the Auckland Transport Bus Stop at Mangere Town Centre. On 22 October 2023 at 21.25 hours, Gloria was alerted to a youth on the roof of the doctors surgery at Mangere Bus Station. The youth was spoken to by Gloria who told her she wanted to end her life and that her father had just passed away, and doesn’t know who her mother is. Gloria continued to talk with her and managed to coax her down by bribing her with a pizza.

Police response was slow, and without her quick acting, nature and awareness, Gloria most certainly stopped the youth from attempting suicide.


Caption: L-R: Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard), Gagan Bhalla and Shane O’Halloran (General Manager, Armourguard)

On 11 September 2023 Security Officer Gagan Bhalla was on duty at the Middlemore Train Station.

At approximately 9am an individual made his way onto the platform and was observed as showing signs of stress and agitation and nearing the edge of the platform. On being asked to stand clear for his safety the individual complied and departed the station.

He then returned several hours later and again approached the edge of the platform. When again asked to stand clear he became aggressive and threatening that he was going to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. Gagan tried to console and calm the individual whilst also alerting AOR and the Police. At this time the individual calmed and left the station, only to return again around 3pm.

Noting that he was under observation from Gagan, and that he was in communication with back up services, the individual boarded a train heading to Manukau. Gagan was able to notify AOR and Police and request their presence for arrival at the Manukau Station.


Caption: L-R: Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard), Neil Tomuli and Pule Talia, and Shane O’Halloran (General Manager, Armourguard)

Early on the morning of 20 July 2023 the Auckland CBD was shut down as Police and Emergency Services responded to an active shooter situation. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in three deaths, including the perpetrator.

Neil and Pule were on duty at the Britomart Train Station and construction site located next to the incident scene. Both Neil and Pule immediately enacted the protocols from the Emergency Response Manual and placed a cordon around the site, preventing public and onlookers from entering the scene and with the assistance of Police, pushing back members of the public who were at risk. Their actions were unprompted and letters of commendation from Auckland Transport state that they need to be recognised as their actions undoubtedly saved a number of people and also instilled confidence in Auckland’s Public Transport Network.


Caption: L-R: Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard), Fuarosa Oloaga and Sinapati Tuugasala, and Shane O’Halloran (General Manager, Armourguard)

On 15 August 2023 Security Officers Sinapati Tuugasala and Fuarosa Oloaga were on duty at the Manukau train station.

At approximately midday a young male came running down the escalator and jumped over the gate. He was observed by the officers who started to follow at a safe distance, and the male then jumped down onto the rail tracks and started running towards a stopped train.

The officers then approached the male and attempted to encourage him back onto the platform however the individual refused and said he wanted to die. The control centre, having been alerted by Sinapati, was observing via camera and immediately cancelled the train’s departure.

After further reassurance and coaxing from Sinapati and Fuarosa, the male eventually returned to the platform allowing passenger services to resume.

Unfortunately, the male declined further support and departed the scene before police were able to attend.

Saved a Life Medal – Josh Beckham, Allied Security

Caption: L-R: Aaron Brown (Waikato Operations Manager, Allied Security) and Josh Beckham.

For operational and legal reasons we need to treat specific details of this incident in confidence however on the 2nd June at approximately 3.30am, Josh was alerted to an incident involving an aggravated assault on one of his team.

Whilst Josh was off duty at the time, he attended the site within 5 minutes and found the guard had suffered injuries to his jaw, throat area and eye sockets and was experiencing breathing difficulties. Josh provided initial first aid, kept the guard conscious during the 20 minute wait for the arrival of emergency services and eventually accompanied the guard when transferred to hospital in a critical state.

During this time Josh also provided status updates to the local Operations Manager and the site customer.

We are also pleased to advise that the injured guard has fully recovered from the injuries sustained.

Saved a Life Medal – Thomas Tofilau, Armourguard Security

L-R: Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard), Thomas Tofilau and Shane O’Halloran (General Manager, Armourguard)

On the 31st March at approximately 2100 hours, Security Officer Thomas Tofilau was driving through Te Irirangi Drive when he noticed a female leaning over the bridge. Thomas initially assumed she was watching the cars passing below however he was concerned by her actions and kept her under observation whilst he was stopped at the traffic lights. When he saw the female start to climb up onto the bridge barrier, he put on his vehicle warning lights and quickly ran up to her and grabbed her hand to stop her from jumping.

The female burst into tears and kept saying she wanted to die and to let her jump. Thomas refused to let her go and pulled her down from the bridge, putting her into a bear hug. He managed to calm her down enough and shifted away from the bridge where he was able to call the police and request their attendance. Police were onsite within 10 minutes, allowing Thomas to resume his duties.

Saved a Life Medal – Lily Wilson, Alpha Protection Services

L-R: Connlan Norton-Taylor (Director, Alpha Protection Services), Lily Wilson and Wayne Sofai (Training and Performance Manager, Alpha Protection Services)

On 28 October 2022 Lily Watson was working with a colleague doing her patrol route in the Christchurch CBD. They had finished their lockdown as scheduled and were completing their logbook entry for the customer when Lily heard a loud cracking sound coming from inside the premise, she felt uneasy and told her partner they should investigate, even though it would put them slightly behind on their patrol.

After re-entering the complex Lily could hear an odd buzzing sound and when she investigated she found the cleaner lying on the ground next to the still going floor polisher and with a large head wound and having a seizure.

Lily immediately had her partner call an ambulance whilst she placed the cleaner into the recovery position. She then retrieved a nearby defibrillator and followed the instructions of the 111 operator until the critical response team arrived with skilled paramedics. The gentleman was rushed to hospital in a critical condition and was later reported as being in a serious but stable condition with a potential brain bleed.


Saved a Life Medal – Leitualamavae Vaa and Shelley Herbert, Armourguard Security

Caption: L-R: Leitualamavae Vaa and Shelley Herbert with Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard)
On 10 December 2022 an altercation occurred between a couple at the Otahuhu Rail Station that resulted in the female being extremely upset and suicidal, threatening to jump over the rail bridge. Leitualamavae and Shelley initially held the woman’s hands and provided reassurance, however after calming her down the woman became agitated again and ran to the rail bridge and started climbing over the rail, forcing Leitualamavae and Shelley to pull her back down and away from the rail. They continued to hold and gently restrain the woman pending attendance from emergency services.

Saved a Life – Highly Commended Mike Fairbrother, Alarm Solutions

Caption: L-R: Richard Jones (Managing Director, Alarm Solutions) with Mike Fairbrother (Senior Technician, Alarm Solutions).  

Mike was recently commuting through the Christchurch city centre and was about to turn at a busy intersection when a very elderly lady wobbled on the footpath and then fell heavily, and face first, into the path of his vehicle.

Mike carefully manouevred around her, positioning his vehicle to create a protective barrier between her and oncoming traffic, and then went to her assistance. He sat with her and provided initial first aid until emergency services arrived and was commended by attending police for his actions in diverting traffic and providing immediate assistance and support.