Nomination Information

Nominations for the 2020 Annual Security Awards close at 5pm on Friday 10 July 2020.

The judging panel for this year’s Awards comprises:

  • Nick Dynon (DefSec Media)
  • Ngaire Kelaher (ASIS New Zealand)
  • David Tomoana (ANZ Bank)
  • Gary Morrison (NZSA)

Given the number of entries expected over the 20 award categories, the judges will be looking for entries that meeting the following:

  1. Are fully compliant with the Conditions of Entry (Terms and Conditions).
  2. Directly address the “recognition” requirements specified in the Category Criteria in a clear and concise manner. For example, in the Manpower Trainee of the Year category, the Category Criteria require the individual to demonstrate the following:
    • Outstanding progress in professional development and training for their role.
    • Display commitment towards training.
    • Achieved results through the NZQA national qualification framework.
    • Inspires others and leads by example.
      Responses to each of these recognition requirements should be addressed individually, in the order listed within the Category Criteria (with the use of headings or bullet points to ensure they are easy to follow) and as clearly and concisely as possible so that the judges do not need to sift through lengthy narrative to find the information they require. The judges award points for each of the specified recognition requirements so it is very important that each one is responded to as failure to do so will have a significant impact on the total score allocation.
  3. Use examples, stories and references to demonstrate the attributes and achievements of the nominee but ensure they are honest and factual. These can be supported by attachments to the nomination but limit to key documents only as it is difficult for the judges to review and assess multiple attachments.
  4. Keep to the brief provided by the Category Criteria and do not get side-tracked with superfluous or unnecessary information and detail. It is also highly recommended that those preparing the nomination have it proof read by a third party prior to it being submitted to ensure that it reads correctly and concisely, addresses all of the Category Criteria and effectively “sells” the merits of the nominated party. Nominations should also be prepared and submitted well in advance of the close off date (12th July) as to avoid any unforeseen time pressures or delays as the conditions of entry are very specific that late entries will not be accepted.

On behalf of the judging panel, we look forward to receiving a large number of outstanding nominations this year and to recognising the best of the best in the security industry.