2019 Winners

Congratulations to all winners!

Communication Center Operator of the Year – David Artis, First Security

David Artis, First Security, Communication Centre Operator of the Year 2019 presented by Jade Johnston, Alarm Watch.

Sponsored by Alarm Watch

David works for First Security but has been seconded within the Chorus Security Operations Centre for the last 6 years. The nomination for David was submitted by Pierre Mosley, Security Operations Manager for Chorus. He notes that David is the lead operator on the queue and every day takes and makes hundreds of calls dealing with everyone from technician level to senior executives. He treats everyone with the same polite, friendly and helpful manner and we regularly receive compliments on how much people appreciate interacting with him. David meets every target and more. He uses initiative to deal with problem solving and is empowered to provide the best service possible. He sets his own standards very high and constantly pushes himself to meet and exceed those standards.

Design and Support Electronic Sector – Professional of the Year – Jan Kasprzyk, Advanced Security Group

Jan Kasprzyk, Advanced Security Group, Design and Support Electronic Sector – Professional of the Year 2019 presented by Sir William Gallagher

Sponsored by Gallagher

Jan is the national lead engineer for Advanced Security Group, supporting and setting the standards for over 100 field-based staff. He has established a deep technical understanding of the systems and solutions that are used in the field and is a certified or advanced engineer in the bulk of systems the company deploys. Jan leads the establishment of standards that form part of the ISO quality management systems and is a key member of the quality committee. Jan has also developed into a great leader in the business. As the organisation has grown, Jan has expanded a team alongside him, where he has been able to impart his knowledge, systems and processes, so that there is now a nationwide engineering team that all operate in the same manner to support the field teams. A major customer says of Jan “he is totally professional and brilliant at his job, he has always gone the extra mile for us and is always focused on our needs”.

Electronic Trainee of the Year – Carwyn Jones, Secom

Carwyn Jones, Secom, Electronic Trainee of the Year 2019, presented by Bill Sole, ETEC/Shift

Sponsored by ETEC/Shift

Carwyn joined Secom’s pre-apprenticeship programme mid-2017 and was awarded an apprenticeship in February 2018. As part of the apprenticeship he was worked in the installation team, service team, and now the IT team where he is currently developing knowledge on high security IT environments. Carwyn has steadily worked through his NZQA National Certificate in Electronics and completed Level 3 in June 2019. His presentation, conduct and performance for Secom has been exceptional and the company readily put his name forward to feature in the NZSA/MSD Work Broker video as a role model apprentice representing the Security Technician trade. Secom recognise Carwyn as an outstanding trainee and role model for those trainees around him. His hard work, dedication and attitude towards his security technician education is unparalleled and he will go a long way in the industry.

Install and Service Electronic Sector – Technician of the Year – Scott Patterson, Aotea Security

Scott Patterson, Aotea Security, Install and Service Electronic Sector – Technician of the Year 2019 presented by Sir William Gallagher

Sponsored by Gallagher

Scott is the consummate professional whose commitment to delivery of project milestones and exceeding and improving installation standards is second to none. Whilst part of a large team, Scott has stood out as a leader and as a quality tradesman and his skills have been regularly commended by a number of high-profile customers. The judges made specific mention of the photographic evidence provided with the nomination for Scott and the exceptional quality of workmanship demonstrated on highly complex and demanding customer sites.

Manpower Trainee of the Year – Shaun Maletino, Secureflight

Shaun Maletino, Secureflight, Manpower Trainee of the Year 2019 presented by Patrick Rennell, CEO, Horowhenua Learning Centre

Sponsored by Horowhenua Learning Centre

Shaun’s Manager describes him as “a delightful young man who is developing into a fantastic trainer. He is dedicated to learning and is able to engage with new members of the company immediately”. Shaun completed his NZQA Security Level 2 qualification in June 2019 and impressed his trainers with his ability to absorb instruction, reflect upon it and then contextualise it in order to validate his level of understanding. Furthermore, he works collaboratively with fellow trainees to ensure that everyone succeeds. Teamwork is his forte! Shaun stands out for his compassion and awareness of his colleagues’ needs, his ability to engage with new staff, his generosity and talent in sharing his skills, but most of all his genuine humility. Always willing to step up to the plate and fill in for emergency shifts, he is a true and rising star.

Outstanding New Product or Service of the Year – Gallagher Type A Alarm System

Marty Blake, Product Manager, on behalf of Gallagher Type A Alarm System for Outstanding New Product or Service of the Year 2019 presented by Matt Jones, Technical Director, Red Wolf High Level Security

Sponsored by Red Wolf High Level Security

The Gallagher Type A Security Alarm System is engineered for New Zealand Government sites and is compliant with the most recent New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) standards. These standards outline what is required to protect Zone 5 high-security locations, as mandated by the New Zealand Governments Protective Security Requirements. As part of the design and development, Gallagher’s undertook extensive research with the New Zealand Defence Force and NZSIS. The result is an intruder alarm system designed to protect the nations most important information and locations. It uses state-of-the-art digital cryptography to talk to a network of intruder detection sensors in a way that protects from both cyber attack and physical tampering in a high security environment

Outstanding Security Training Initiative – Stratcom and Secureflight

Gloria McGirr, Stratcom and Michelle MacDonald, Secureflight, Outstanding Security Training Initiative 2019 presented by Lance Riesterer, General Manager Specialist Trades and Business, The Skills Organisation

Sponsored by The Skills Organisation

Secureflight has a highly skilled workforce that are trained to both international aviation security standards and overseas regulatory requirements. In addition the company has always ensured that staff also meet the New Zealand legislation through the COA process. With the valuable input of Gloria McGirr from Stratcom, the extensive internal training programmes have been aligned to the National Certificate in Security Level 2. This has involved a mixture of recognition of current competence, gap analysis, challenge assessments and training courses delivered with internal and external facilitators. The outcomes have been spectacular with the initial 90 trainees achieving full qualifications.

Outstanding Skills for Industry Employee of the Year

Punipauo (Puni) Crossman, Matrix Security Group Ltd, Outstanding Skills for Industry Employee of the Year 2019 presented by Kal Marsden, Account Manager, Ministry of Social Development

Sponsored by Ministry of Social Development

Winner – Punipauo (Puni) Crossman, Matrix Security Group Ltd

Puni commenced her employment with Matrix Security in February of this year after gaining full-time employment through the MSD/NZSA Skills for Industry Initiative. She has excelled in her role and has impressed with her work ethic, her personality and dedication to her newfound career. Puni works at a prestigious private school where she has made such a positive impression that the client requests her any time they have an event or function. Her role includes traffic management and controlling the access to and from the school and she does this in a professional and efficient manner. Puni is progressing through the NZQA Level 2 qualification and in the words of her customer, “she is a shining star”.

Highly Commended – Arthur Cherrington, Red Badge Group

Arthur Cherrington, Red Badge Group, Highly Commended for Outstanding Skills for Industry Employee of the Year 2019 presented by Kal Marsden, Account Manager, Ministry of Social Development

Arthur returned to NZ in late 2017 after spending over 10 years in Denmark but found it very difficult to find work with the common response from potential employers that he was too old. Arthur approached MSD for assistance and via the MSD/NZSA programme was successful in gaining employment with Red Badge as a fulltime guard at the Westfield Albany Mall. It didn’t take long for Arthur to prove himself. His calm nature, punctuality, attention to detail, reliability and willingness to learn soon saw Arthur rostered as second-in-charge on site and more recently promotion to Site Manager running the Albany security team

Outstanding Staff Retention/Staff Development Programme – Advanced Security Group

Ester Nicolay accepting the award on behalf of Advanced Security Group for Outstanding Staff Retention/Staff Development Programme 2019 presented by Matt Jones, Technical Director, Red Wolf High Level Security

Sponsored by Red Wolf High Level Security

Advanced Security Group provides a comprehensive and integrated staff retention and development programme that focuses on team recognition, recognising that every person in the organisation is important and rewarding success. The judges commented on the extensive list of company programmes and initiatives and the exceptional staff retention rates achieved.

Patrol Officer of the Year – Misbahuddin (Misbah) Khaja, First Security

Sue Clark, Auckland Static and Patrols Manager, on behalf of Misbahuddin (Misbah) Khaja, First Security, Patrol Officer of the Year 2019 presented by Garry Stewart, Rothbury Insurance

Sponsored by Rothbury Insurance Brokers

Misbah exhibits consistently high standards of professionalism, with almost perfect attendance, and a very professional appearance and attitude. He consistently delivers a high standard of service to his clients and is renowned for never having received a customer complaint during 10 years of service. His reports are of a very high standard and provide concise and relevant information for both operations and the customer. Misbah has been instrumental in the successful implementation of a new electronic guard dispatch system recently and assisted other team members in their understanding of the system.  As well as good personal appearance, his patrol vehicle is always kept to a high standard of cleanliness and he will willingly clean other vehicles that don’t meet his high standards

Security Administrator of the Year – Mirjana Zubcic, Matrix Security Group

Mirjana Zubcic, Matrix Security Group, Security Administrator of the Year 2019 presented by Sir William Gallagher

Sponsored by Gallagher

Mirjana has been with Matrix since 2001. Initially hired as the Operations Administrator she was quickly promoted to the Credit Controller role as her passion and drive became evident. Over the last 10 years Mirjana has been responsible for a 70% reduction in overdue debts even whilst the company has had substantial growth. She constantly strives for excellence and continuous improvement whilst delivering outstanding customer service. She never overlooks an opportunity to lend a helping hand not only to her colleagues but also goes the extra mile for the customers. Her standard is to deliver on time and with no errors. Mirjana is described as an invaluable walking data bank for the company and it was noted that behind the hard-nosed execution of her duties is a soft and caring heart that touches everyone.

Security Consultant of the Year – Don Beattie, Red Wolf High Level Security

Shayne Venn on behalf of Don Beattie, Red Wolf High Level Security, Security Consultant of the Year 2019 presented by Alastair Burgess, Hikvision

Sponsored by Hikvision

Don has previously worked or consulted to a number of government agencies as a security advisor prior to joining Red Wolf in 2012. He bought to the role a highly technical and security knowledge base as well as an intimate understanding of PSR or Protective Security Requirements. As well as continuing to provide advice to a number of government agencies, his role with Red Wolf also provides exposure over a number of critical infrastructure and major commercial and industrial environments. Don brings a consultancy-based approach that takes customers on a journey developing a strategic plan and providing a long-term, future proofed solution. His approach allows the customer to take ownership of their own solutions and outcomes, engaging all stakeholders throughout the process and ensuring measurable outcomes are achieved.

Security Integrator of the Year – Advanced Security Group

Mike Marr accepting the award on behalf of Advanced Security Group for Security Integrator of the Year 2019 presented by Alastair Burgess, Hikvision

Sponsored by Hikvision

Advanced Security Group develops ongoing relationships with clients who believe in quality, reliability and innovation as much as they do. Their focus is on advanced access control, intruder detection and CCTV systems but other areas of expertise include intercoms, motorised gates, barrier arms, identification cards, cyber security, cloud computing, security robots, drone security systems and off-site monitoring. The judges commented on the heavy investment in the future via the dedicated innovation incubator and the commitment towards ISO accreditation, Environmental Management and extensive internal and external training programmes.

Security Officer of the Year – Adele Tuhega, Armourguard Security

Adele Tuhega, Armourguard Security, Security Officer of the Year 2019 presented by Nick Dynon, Managing Editor, NZ Security Magazine

Sponsored by Defsec Media

What initially appeared to be a straightforward intervention in February this year quickly escalated into a potential suicide situation. Thankfully Security Officer Adele Tuhega’s astute and compassionate actions de-escalated the situation and prevented the tragedy from occurring. Adele intervened in an assault between a teenaged male and female at a train station where she was providing a security presence. On being informed that the male had previously raped the young woman, she managed to separate the youths and remove the immediate conflict. The young woman was however extremely distressed and threatened to jump in front of a train. Thinking quickly, Adele signaled to her colleague to call 111 and then distracted the teenager and engaged with her by telling her stories about her own three kids and how she loves them to bits and in the process affirming to the young woman how much she had to live for. All the while Adele positioned herself between the girl and the tracks subtly guiding her away from the edge until Police arrived. It is also important to note that in 2017 Adele was nominated for this same category award for a similar life saving action and was recognized with a Highly Commended citation.

Security Specialist of the Year – Graeme McKenzie, Alarm Watch

Graeme McKenzie, Alarm Watch, Security Specialist of the Year 2019 presented by Ricky Sevta, General Manager, simPRO Software

Sponsored by simPRO Software

Graeme first started working on security alarms for the Post Office in 1983 while completing his electrical training. He still carries the same enthusiasm and pride for the industry now as when he started. Graeme has been with Alarm Watch for 28 years and has occupied many different roles including Alarm Technician, Senior Technician, Team Leader and now Technical Manager overseeing the technical aspect of the monitoring centre and providing support to resellers and bureaus. As well as being the tech support “go to person” for 250+ resellers and bureaus, Graeme has established and runs (mainly in his own time) an online Facebook page for over 600 Alarm Technicians throughout New Zealand, where he moderates discussion, shares new product information, publishes training videos, connects people with jobs, gives advice – all done with passion, not as a job.

Security Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year – Reremoana (Rere) Keremete, Watchdog Security Group

Reremoana (Rere) Keremete, Watchdog Security Group, Security Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year 2019 presented by Matthew John, Mobilcard Business Manager

Sponsored by Mobil

Rere has experienced some challenges in life having had her career as a Security Officer with Watchdog interrupted when she was diagnosed with cancer. She approached her fight with cancer with her usual degree of positivity coupled with her never give up attitude and within 5 months of having surgery followed by chemotherapy she was well enough to return to work. Rere is impeccably polite and respectful when dealing with members of the public, clients, or the inevitable problem people that security staff engage with on a daily basis however she combines it with a steely toughness that lets offenders know she is not someone to be crossed or disrespected. She is a stickler for procedures, not only following standard company policies to the letter but also suggesting and implementing new ones at her site to ensure staff in her team are effective in their role. She guides and mentors her team members but also lets them know she will not tolerate slackers or poor performance. Rere’s positive impact on the business operations doesn’t stop when she is off duty. As an example the business had a young guard who unfortunately had to give up work due to a brain tumour. Once he was back from hospital, Rere rounded up 8 staff and went to his house to put on a welcome home bbq.

Her employer states Rere is the epitome of a security professional at work, the caring mother figure outside of work and an outstanding example of leadership, especially to Maori woman in our community.

Whilst this was not taken into account in the judging process, we received information last week about another example of Rere’s outstanding attributes. On Thursday the 15th August Rere saved a choking baby whilst on duty at the Mall she oversees. By the time Rere arrived on the scene the baby was blue, limp and not breathing. She followed the first aid protocols perfectly, removing the food blockage with back blows and caring for the now conscious and breathing baby until ambulance staff arrived. As is typical of Rere, when bystanders wanted to contact the local press, she refused politely saying she didn’t want publicity for doing her job.

Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year – Joint Winners – Gloria McGirr, Stratcom and Peter Fillet, Red Badge Group

Joint winners Gloria McGirr, Stratcom, and Peter Fillet, Red Badge Group, Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year 2019 presented by Lance Riesterer, General Manager Specialist Trades and Business, The Skills Organisation

Sponsored by The Skills Organisation

The Judges were unable to separate these two stand out candidates and believe it is appropriate that both are recognised.

Gloria has a fantastic ability to bring out the best in all of the trainees that she works with. These trainees come from a variety of backgrounds and for many English is their second language or the traditional educational system has failed them because of literacy issues. Gloria takes these all in her stride and works with the individuals one on one when required to find ways to demonstrate their competence to the required standards. She is able to turn abstract concepts into relevant workplace examples and replace confusion with understanding and clearly demonstrable competence.

Peter has been in the security industry for most of his life. His extensive experience and ability to use real life examples inspires his students, whether they are new to the industry completing mandatory units, Gateway school students, or more experienced security personnel completing their NZQA Level 2 qualifications. Peter has also had a major impact on a number of youth through the Security Gateway Programme, preparing and inspiring them for a career they may not otherwise had the opportunity to obtain.

Visionary Leadership Award – Sir William Gallagher, Gallagher

Sir William Gallagher, Visionary Leadership Award 2019 presented by NZSA Life Member, Bruce Couper

Sponsored by NZSA

The Gallagher Group was established in 1938 by Bill Gallagher (senior) and is one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful privately-owned companies. At the helm, Bill’s son, William Gallagher (junior) has been leading the business and inspiring Gallagher staff for an incredible 57 years to date. He is an incredibly passionate and intelligent leader who personifies the heart of the family-led business. A natural leader, William has a relaxed, approachable, and down-to-earth “kiwi” style. His passion for ingenuity has created a culture of innovation and a focus on research and development. He also has an eye for talent and is committed to growing and developing people within the organization. William is the biggest evangelist of the Gallagher brand and he continues to be an inspiring leader for the people of Gallagher, the technology sector, and the industries in which Gallagher operate.

Ian Dick Memorial Award for Security Professional of the Year – Graeme McKenzie, Alarm Watch

Graeme McKenzie, Alarm Watch, Ian Dick Memorial Award for Security Professional of the Year 2019 presented by the Honourable Aupito William Sio, Associate Minister of Justice