2018 Winners

Congratulations to all winners!

2018 Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year – Peter Fillet from Red Badge Group

This award is received on behalf of Peter by Ben Wooding from Red Badge Group.

Peters’ extensive experience and ability to use real life examples inspires his student, whether they are brand new to the industry completing mandatory units, Gateway school students, or more experienced security personnel completing their Level 2 or 3 qualifications. With an extensive 30 plus years history in the security sector, Peter came out of retirement last year to return to his passion in the security sector. He has been an inspiration to his students and has a major impact on a number of youth through the Gateway program, preparing and inspiring them for a career that they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to obtain. This award recognises not only his efforts over the last year, but also the previous 30 plus years in the industry.

2018 Outstanding Security Training Initiative of the Year – NZDF Security Training Framework and Up-skilling from Contact Training Systems Ltd

This award is received by Quinton Swanson from Contact Training Systems Ltd.

This outstanding training initiative recognises the challenge that many trained and experienced personnel within the New Zealand Defence Forces face when finding alternative employment as their qualifications are not recognised within the private sector. The initiative has been led by Zac Temaro who has worked tirelessly with both the NZ Army and Skills Organisation in developing and implementing security qualifications at Level 2, 3 and 4 for N Z Army personnel using the Attestation process. The process has been extremely successful with 927 personnel trained in Level 2 and 387 in Level 3 to date and with continued demand.

2018 Electronic Trainee of the Year – Carl Durrant from Fortlock

This award is received on behalf of Carl by Catherine Hodgson from Fortlock.

Carl started with Fortlock in April 2016 having previously being a manager in the Navy and never used a screwdriver in his life! He was older than most apprentice technicians but had decided to see if he liked the job. Two years later he is still with Fortlock and being recognised as trainee of the year. Carl is currently working through his Security Technician apprenticeship and has now finished all theory and practical models required for completion. His employer describes Carl as a great find. He is competent, outgoing, eager for a challenge, a great communicator and an all-round good guy.

2018 Manpower Trainee of the Year – Bruce Downs from First Contact

This award is received on behalf of Bruce by Gary Morrison, CEO of the NZSA.

Since leaving school, Bruce had spent his life unemployed and living on the streets. In 2017, having befriended an employee at First Contact, he felt it was time to start taking steps to improve his quality of life so he approached Work and Income to get assistance in obtaining his Certificate of Approval and completing the mandatory training requirements. Upon gaining his full CoA and with the support of several staff at First Contact, he applied for a position with the company in July 2017. Having spent so much time on the streets, Bruce’s appearance and interview technique were somewhat lacking however he demonstrated a committed attitude and promised that if offered a role, he would not let anyone down. Bruce was employed on two conditions:

  • He had to attend all training sessions, and
  • He had to get a haircut as his dreadlocks were not a good image.

He arrived at the office the next day to sign his paperwork and with a smart haircut and clean shaven. Today Bruce has completed his Level 2 National Certificate and is well on the way to completing Level 3.  He is described as someone who willingly takes direction and demonstrates excellent commitment. He is an inspiration and an excellent example of how an individual can develop professionally if they are provided with a supportive training environment and have a commitment to their personal improvement.

2018 Design & Support Electronic Sector of the Year – Russell Milliken from Red Wolf High Level Security

This award is received on behalf of Russell by Tony Patmore from Red Wolf High Level Security.

Russell has an extensive security background and holds a Batchelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Batchelor of Science, and a Diploma in Project Management. Whilst his qualifications are exceptional, it is Russell’s willingness, versatility, and professionalism that make him stand out. His employer says that he performs consistently at the highest levels – his attention to detail, desire for continuous improvement, along with his positive and professional demeanour, and open and honest approach determines that he takes full ownership for every project he is involved with. Customer references reflect similar comments and highlight consistently positive feedback.

2018 Install & Service Electronic Sector of the Year – Stephen Wright from VIP Security

Stephen commenced with VIP Security as a security trainee in 2011. He was a quick learner, both with self-learning and industry training, and now is certified across a wide range of platforms. Stephen has a real passion for security and for doing the best that he can and that was highlighted by a significant number of glowing customer testimonials and references. His employer states that Stephen really typifies the company values of enjoyment, quality, passion and responsiveness. He is also very humble and a pleasure to work with. He is an amazing technician and an asset to VIP Security and our customers.

2018 Security Consultant of the Year – Andrew Thorburn from Atlas Gentech

Andrew has over 21 years experience in physical security and risk management and will be well known to many in the room tonight through his passion and commitment for industry training and standards and his involvement with ASIS NZ. In his role with Atlas Gentech Andrew has taken a lead in educating staff, integrator partners and end users on making risk based and informed decisions for their protective security projects and focused on holistic solutions rather than products. In addition to his focus on the Atlas Gentech business and the brands he manages, Andrew has continued to voluntarily engage and support the industry through external associations, presenting on topical subjects and technologies, arranging international presenters, driving sector awareness, standards and professional development for all stakeholders.

2018 Security Administrator of the Year – Arlene Ahorro from Matrix Security

Arlene has worked for Matrix Security since 2011. Initially hired as the Payroll Officer, it was quickly identified that her skills and capacity extended well beyond payroll leading to a promotion to Assistant Accountant. Her involvement in all finance administration processes demonstrates her comprehensive and natural understanding of all the systems and processes that happen in the background. As a result she has become the established “go to” person if something hasn’t worked properly, or needs improving, or simply just needs getting done because someone is away. Arlene consistently strives for excellence and continuous improvement while also enriching and inspiring her colleagues. Her standard is simply right first time, and on time every time!

2018 Outstanding New Product or Service of the Year – Just Roster from Just Roster Ltd

This award is received on behalf of Darryl Stonnell, Just Roster by Gary Morrison, CEO of the NZSA.

Just Roster is a staff management and deployment platform developed specifically for the security industry. It delivers a range of powerful features designed to meet the demands of an industry where staff deployment, government regulations, health and safety, and client requirements can be very complex. The system provides an affordable and almost fool proof way for business owners to ensure compliance with government, industry and client expectations. In an environment where deploying the wrong security officer can result in fines, risk to reputation, and potentially the loss of business, Just Roster delivers business owners, operations managers, and supervisors with a powerful tool that virtually guarantees compliance and peace of mind, all from a desk, laptop or tablet and in the palm of their hand.

2018 Outstanding Customer Service Initiative of the Year – Customer Digital Strategy from Atlas Gentech

This award is received by RJ Moka from Atlas Gentech.

The Customer Digital Strategy within Atlas Gentech has been led by RJ Moka, Enterprise Key Account Manager. RJ has developed and successfully implemented a digital strategy for current product updates and new product releases that links with core client and contract information to provide improved analysis and reporting, including identifying and leveraging group relationships and products not in the standard product portfolio and hence better supporting integrator projects.

2018 Security Specialist of the Year – Ashley Burkhart & Alysha Smith from Armourguard

The judges were unable to separate these two nominees.

Ashley is the National Logistics Manager for Armourguard. His operating knowledge of all aspects of cash security, cash dispensing, cash transportation and processing is second-to-none and he has used his knowledge of industry best-practice in these fields to further strengthen the company’s offering and drive a very high level of performance within the nationwide transport and logistics team.

Alysha runs Armourguards second largest cash floor operation. She sets extremely high standards for herself and her team, and also ensures her senior employees are given performance measures so that they can monitor and maintain high standards within the operation. Alysha has led the business in taking on trials for improved processes and customer efficiencies and she consistently sets the benchmark for productivity achievements.

2018 Communications Centre Operator of the Year – Nikolos Berends from First Security

Nick has taken a leadership role in implementing and embedding organizational change in the First Security Logistics Support Centre. Nick consistently displays dedication, initiative and an ability to perform duties whilst under pressure, all whilst maintaining exceptionally high standards. A rare quality is his ability to look at an issue from multiple points of view, be that of a customer, contractor, landlord or a Communications Centre Operator. This enables Nick to quickly come to the best decision on how to deal with specific situations. These skills along with Nicks ability to share his knowledge have made him a champion within his team and the wider organization.

2018 Security Supervisor or Operations Manager of the Year – Felise Tamiano from Armourguard

Felise is a senior supervisor in Armourguards Auckland Manned Services business and is responsible for the two largest clients in that region – Ministry of Social Development and Auckland Council. The logistics of providing service to these customers is complex and demanding yet Felise handles it with aplomb. As his manager notes – “it’s easy not to notice how good a job he does because he does it so well”. Felise never complains but just goes and does it. Nothing is a problem. Felise is renowned for his excellent communications with customers and team members alike. He holds a great deal of mana and is widely regarded with respect across the company. As a result, his team happily go the extra mile to help him when things are very busy or the team is short-staffed.

2018 Patrol Officer of the Year – Elizabeth Baker from Matrix Security

Elizabeth started her career in security in 2016 and has excelled in her role since day one. Her colleagues and management team hold the greatest admiration for her skills, personality and dedication to her profession and this has been exemplified by the professionalism and high standard of care demonstrated in two recent life changing situations.

The first incident occurred in April 2018 while Elizabeth was doing her usual patrol duties in the Judges Bay Reserve. Elizabeth spotted a toddler walking towards the water and couldn’t see any adults around. The child ran into the water and fell over, disappearing below the waves. Elizabeth ran from the bathroom facilities into the water to pull the toddler from under water, where he had been for close to one minute, and then administer care. The family came running from some distance away having realized their 3 year old son had wondered off to find their son upset but responsive. The family was visiting from Rotorua and will always be thankful for the quick reactions of Elizabeth in saving their sons life.

A week later Elizabeth was doing her patrol run in Cornwall Park when she saw an elderly gentleman trip over a curb and hit his head, knocking him unconscious and with considerable bleeding. Elizabeth quickly went over and placed the man in the recovery position before calling for an ambulance. Whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive, she continued to administer care for both the gentleman and his distraught wife. Her actions were very much appreciated and praised by the couple and the attending ambulance staff. The incidents above are a perfect example of the work Elizabeth puts forward day after day.

2018 Security Officer of the Year – DJ Singh & Nav Singh from Guardforce Security Ltd

DJ and Nav are senior security officers at Glenfield Mall on Auckland’s North Shore. Both are excellent security officers, diligent and professional in their duties, well respected by their customer and colleagues and great role models for other team members.

Earlier this year because of their combined courage, excellence of performance, total commitment and professionalism, they without question saved the life of a young and severely distressed woman who had self-harmed. Having been alerted to the potential situation, DJ and Nav called for emergency services back-up before forcing their way into the cubicle where the lady had locked herself in. They managed to immobilize the woman and secured the weapon she had used to cause multiple stab wounds. They then concentrated on applying pressure to the numerous wounds in an attempt to stem the flow of blood.

Their manager comments that in his many years in the security industry he has never seen a more dedicated effort to save a life, and for this effort to be conducted in a shopping mall environment with a completely uncooperative patient who was determined to end her life. He would like to thank DJ and Nav for inspiring us all to not only do our jobs well but if and when a threat to human life arises, to first of all show courage and then do all in our power to protect that human life.

2018 Visionary Leadership Award – Alistair Hogg from Aotea Security

Alistair’s career in the New Zealand Security Industry dates back to 1987 but it wasn’t until 1997 when he became a founding employee of Aotea Security Dunedin that he truly found his calling as a leader. At that time Alistair and two other security technicians approached Murray Hughes, the Managing Director of Aotea Electrical, to assist them in forming a new entity called Aotea Security. The company grew rapidly under Alistair’s management to the situation today where Aotea Security (NZ) has 12 branches across the country and is recognized as a market leading national provider.

Those who work with Alistair say that what sets him apart from others is his communication skills, industry knowledge and open mindedness to innovation. He is a man that is both commercially attuned but most importantly connected to the people who he works with and leads.

In addition to his commitment to Aotea Security, Alistair has contributed significantly to the wider industry including involvement as Board Member, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the NZSA between 2008 and 2012, Board Member, Vice Chairman and Chairman of ASIS NZ (including terms as Regional Vice President of NZ and Senior Vice President of Oceania) and various Standards Development and Technical Committees.

Alistair is recognized as a humble and reliable member of our industry however what goes on behind the scenes goes unrecognized which is a mature, inspirational and visionary leader.

NZSA 2018 Ian Dick Memorial Award Security Professional of the Year – Elizabeth Baker from Matrix Security

Elizabeth was recognised earlier as the Patrol Officer of the Year.