2017 Winners

2017 Security Administrator of the Year – Karin Sayer from Recon Security

“Karin has been with Recon Security for 16 years. Karin’s role as Financial Controller oversees a team of 7 accounting and security professionals that highly respect her teamwork and leadership skills.”
Karin is described by her employer as “one of the most professional, honourable, hard working, committed and loyal leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my career and she has been instrumental in the success of our business”

2017 Communication Centre Operator of the Year – Adam Kimiora from Matrix Security

“Adam has worked for Matrix since 2009 and we have always found him to be dedicated, extremely efficient and unfailingly punctual. He is what we call a “hidden hero”. Always projecting a warm cheerful attitude to our internal and external customers. In the team Adam is trusted and respected for his team work and always making a difference by going over and above what is required”

2017 Innovative Product or Service of the Year – Gallagher Mobile Connect by Gallagher

“The winner of this award provides customers a unique mobile security application which offers the most easily administered credential provisioning available today. Using Bluetooth wireless technology and the power of smart phones, this application offers customers convenience and greater certainty at each door, underpinned by exceptionally safe and secure credentials. A unique aspect of this solution is that it allows users to arm/disarm system areas, make scheduled access mode changes, and control outputs, using the application. These actions are permissions controlled, fully authenticated and provide an audit trail for accountability.”

2017 Patrol Officer of the Year – Tevita Prescott from Matrix Security

“Tevita has excelled in every aspect of his career since he commenced employment with Matrix Security in 2004. His colleagues and staff hold the highest admiration for his skills, personality and dedication to his profession.
Tevita has successfully completed his National Certificate in Security Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 with Team Leader strand and is currently completing the National Diploma Level 6. In addition he recently achieved his Workplace Assessor qualification.
Customers testimonials include “we cannot think of a more worthy recipient” and “he goes above and beyond what is required”
Always willing to help and never having to be asked, his attitude to work is contagious, his dedication and engagement with co-workers is consistent and his work ethic and approach to team work is outstanding”

2017 Security Trainee of the Year – Lee Campbell from Red Badge Security

“Lee joined Red Badge in 2014, completing his Mandatory training and a National Certificate in Business. As Operations Manager, Lee saw the value in developing his security knowledge and this year completed his National Certificate in Security Level 2 and in now working towards completing his Level 3. In addition to progressing his NZQA development pathway, Lee is also working towards becoming a workplace assessor and conflict management trainer”

2017 Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year – Darren Sapich from Red Badge Security

“Whilst Darren is a previous winner of this award, he continues to be an absolutely stand out leader in the field of security training. He works tirelessly in advancing new ways of attracting the right people to our industry and striving to cultivate a development pathway to engage our team. In addition to managing the on-going training and development of our team nationwide, Darren has also been instrumental in developing and growing the Security Gateway Training Program. With the support of Skills, he has partnered with local colleges to develop and deliver a security academy pathway via the Gateway careers program. This program covers the Mandatory units, Health and Safety and Responding to Emergencies. We currently have 9 Colleges and High Schools on the program with a further 2 on the waiting list to join next year.
Darren is the driving force behind Red Badges commitment towards training”

2017 Security Supervisor or Operations Manager of the Year – Justin Moroney from Waiheke Documents and Security

“Justin has been key in developing his small team from the first day WDS became a security firm. Working with his business partner Alex, he has totally engaged with his group, hand selecting them from local people on Waiheke Island and ensuring they work as a tight team. To empower his staff he has sought out workplace literacy and numeracy training opportunities, working very closely with a tutor to support his team and progressing to where 100% of his staff are now enrolled on Level 2 Training Agreements. The feedback from clients who use the services of WDS has been exceptional with many commenting on the professionalism, loyalty and pride of Justin and his team.
Most importantly, it needs to be recognised that Justin is not only the owner and operations manager of this small company, he is also the go-to man, the enabler, the mentor and the learning pathway developer. Aside from that he is also an exceptionally good security officer”

2017 Security Consultant of the Year – Bronnie Taylor from Securely

“Bronnie has held the role of Central North Island Territory Sales Manager for Securely since 2015. Bronnie has a unique strength in engagement with customers. For Bronnie, relationships never end with the completion of the sale. Customers can, and do, call Bronnie any time of the day or night and discuss any concerns or issues they may have the alarm hardware, response plan, or service they are receiving from monitoring or technical services.
Bronnie is a strong believer that when you work for a security company people trust you, and that trust is paramount to forming a strong relationship with customers. She is a relentless advocate for all customers and drives the business to find adaptive solutions to meet individual needs. She will never sell a product without first using it and understanding it herself and this product knowledge allows her to confidently tailor and deliver individualised solutions”

2017 Security Specialist of the Year – Josh Harper from Watchdog Security

“Josh started with Watchdog Security 9 years ago as a patrolman before shifting to a position as a monitoring operator after a couple of years. Having been out on the frontline streets first, he brought a new insight to the monitoring position, adding significant value to the role.
At the start of 2016 Josh took on the role of Monitoring Operations manager and building on his passion for IT, also assumed the position of IT Manager. At the time he stepped into these roles, our Call Centre was going through significant growth with additional customers and the addition of an extra function with after hours phone answering for the local council. Corresponding with this, public concerns with regards to a particular council service resulted in a 600% increase in after hour call volumes.
In conjunction with developing a training program and training his team, documenting and flow charting all operational processes and providing mentoring and coaching, Josh has also taken full control of all IT systems, including the successful implementation and roll-out of our new telephone system.
His commitment and passion for work has made him an invaluable member of our team and his contribution to the company’s operations is immense.”

2017 Security Technician of the Year – Saul Leckey from VIP Security

“Saul’s encouragement in the continuing education of our Technical team has been a key attributor behind the growth in our ability to continue on the delivery of high end projects and installations. Saul demonstrates (by self example) an outstandingly high level of work performance and this is reflected in the value that many of our clients have for Saul. His dedication and willingness to serve is remarkable, and we regularly receive comments from customers praising these attributes.
Customer commendations include “Regardless of the size or scope of our needs, Saul exceeds all our expectations, provides a committed level of ownership and always delivers a clear and consistent level of communications”

2017 Highly Commended Award for Security Officer – Adele Tuhega from Armourguard

Adele Tuhega performed exceptional work in preventing a possible suicide attempt on an Auckland Transport Platform. Adele instinctive actions and quick response saved the young woman trying to commit suicide under a train by quickly restraining her just as she tried to jump in front of the train. She also struggled while been held by Adele as she was determined to follow through with the suicide attempt. The train driver observed the incident and hit the emergency brakes as it went past. After the incident Adele took the woman to the Train Station Concourse area where she consoled and calmed her down and cuddled her until emergency services arrived. The following week the young woman mother could not stop calling and thanking Adele for her courageous actions in saving her daughter’s life and refers to her as “Her Daughter’s Guardian Angel”.

2017 Security Officer of the Year – Viliami Matoto from First Security

“In November 2016, Vili was on duty in his role as Security Guard at Sylvia Park Retail Centre in Mt Wellington. At 2030 hours Vili was notified by security staff located at the Sylvia Park Control Room of a person sitting on the edge of an over bridge to Carbine Road. Vili immediately attended the scene and on route was advised by the Control Room that the person concerned was a young girl who had been reported missing earlier in the day. Vili approached the girl slowly and calmly whilst continuing to talk to her. He skilfully managed to grab hold of the girl and held on tightly despite her repeated attempts to throw herself from the bridge. Vili continued to hold the young girl until police and ambulance services arrived.
Vili was awarded a Super Hero award by Centre management who noted in their commendation that there would certainly have been a fatality if Vili had not intervened”

NZSA 2017 Female Security Professional of the Year – Bronnie Taylor from Securely

“The judges commented that Bronnie is a true advocate for her customers and always goes the extra mile. She has been instrumental in introducing new technologies into her work environment as part of ensuring that she, along with the Securely team, provide adaptive security solutions that meet the needs of each individual customer”

NZSA 2017 Ian Dick Memorial Award – Tevita Prescott from Matrix Security

“The judges commented that Tevita epitomises the perfect worker. He performs his job consistently to standards that become the benchmark for others to aspire to and is held in the highest possible regard by his colleagues, managers and customers.”
Tevita has demonstrated a thirst for learning and a passion for sharing his knowledge with his team.
His positive attitude, engagement with co-workers and dedication and ethics are what defines a true security professional.