2023 Security Award Finalists & Sponsors

Customer Champion of the Year

Harneet Saini, Advanced Security Group

Natasha Pennell, FIRST Security

Nik Boeinghoff, Optic Security Group

Design and Support Electronic Sector Professional of the Year

Daniel Malan, Global Security Solutions Ltd

Richard Jones, Alarm Solutions 2002 Ltd

Simon Paul, ICE Security Ltd

Electronic Trainee of the Year

Bonnie Maxwell, Ross Galt Lock & Alarm

Ezekiel Leiataua, ICE Security Ltd

Josh Weber, Advanced Security Group

Guarding Sector Trainee of the Year 

Joseph Scott, Allied Security

Lily Wilson, Alpha Protection Services Ltd

Install and Service Electronic Sector (Corporate) Technician of the Year

Jordan McCormick, Evotek Technologies Ltd

Nathan Keepa, Advanced Security Group

Petrus Olivier, Vision Systems

Install and Service Electronic Sector (SME) Technician of the Year

Alarm Solutions Team, Alarm Solutions 2002 Ltd

Daniel Malan, Global Security Solutions Ltd

Michael Fairbrother, Alarm Solutions 2002 Ltd

Michael Pepper Award for Outstanding Security Training Initiative

Hauora a Toi Bay of Plenty Security Team, Tauranga and Whakatane Hospitals

P4G Security, Platform 4 Group Ltd

Monitoring / Communication Centre Operator of the Year

Isabel Laurie, P4G Security

Jaye Ratu, FIRST Security

Paula Johnston, Global Security Solutions Ltd

Outstanding New Product or Service of the Year

Protege X, Integrated Control Technology Ltd

Responda, FIRST Security

Watchful Camera Monitoring Platform, Crosbies Security Ltd


Outstanding Skills for Industry Employee of the Year

Ezekiel Leiataua, ICE Security Ltd

Joseph Scott, Allied Security

Knikita Tarawa, Red Badge Group

Outstanding Staff Retention/Staff Development Programme

Advanced Security Group Ltd

Alarm Watch

Darren Johnson, Vision Systems

Patrol Officer of the Year

Lily Wilson, Alpha Protection Services Ltd

Melvin Hallegado, Armourguard Security

Neekita Prakash, FIRST Security

Security Administrator of the Year

Debra Fruean, FIRST Security

Jennifer Jang, Red Badge Group

Vianna Sue, Optic Security Group

Security Consultant of the Year

Kieran Norton-Taylor, Alpha Protection Services Ltd

Lee Ashton, Optic Security Group

Michelle Welten, Global Security Solutions Ltd

Security Integrator of the year

Nextro LP

Richard Neeson, Advanced Security Group

Tristan Bailey, Vision Systems

Security Officer of the Year

Leitualamavae Vaa and Shelley Herbert, Armourguard Security

Ellen-Jane MacPherson, Watchdog Security Group

Johnny Mapusua, Red Badge Group

Lositoa Moala, FIRST Security

Security Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year

Beyers Rautenbach, FIRST Security

Isaac Tainghue, Optic Security Group

Paul Davenport, Advanced Security Group

Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year

Nicky Eastwood, Allied Security

Rainbow Manley, October Protection Ltd

Senio Alai-Stowers, P4G Security

Specialised Security Services Professional of the Year

Agnes Devon, Global Security Solutions Ltd

Jill Priest, FIRST Security

Miranda Cannon, Red Badge Group