2019 Award Nominees

Communication Centre Operator of the Year
Vincent Adams, Armourguard Security
David Artis, First Security
Dave Christiansen, Secom
Vai Makisi, Armourguard Security
Pakitoa Tereaumani, First Security

Design and Support Electronic Sector – Professional of the Year
Mark Eden, Red Wolf High Level Security
Daniel Jung, Secom
Jan Kasprzyk, Advanced Security Group
Donal Mani, Optic Security Group (Fortlock)
David Robertson, Matrix Security Group Ltd
Edie Scott, HSM Group

Electronic Trainee of the Year
Brayden Bryce, Advanced Security Group
Joseph Dewes, Red Wolf High Level Security
Carwyn Jones, Secom
Adam Ko Morman, Vision Systems
Krish Segran, Vision Systems
Adam Taylor, Alliance Fire & Security

Install and Service Electronic Sector – Technician of the Year
James Costello, Aotea Security
Faraaz Dean, Vision Systems
Semih Dikmenli, Optic Security Group (SSL)
Kevin Doyle, Red Wolf High Level Security
Joseph Edwards, Alliance Fire & Security
Andrew Jaggi, Optic Security Group (Circuit Systems)
Ravi Lal, Optic Security Group (Fortlock)
Prableen Oberoi, Advanced Security Group
Scott Patterson, Aotea Security
Resty Quilaton, HSM Group
Luke Tanenui, Matrix Security Group Ltd
Adam Taylor, Alliance Fire & Security

Manpower Trainee of the Year
Shaun Maletino, Secure Flight Ltd
Jaspreet Singh, First Security

Outstanding New Product or Service of the Year
Gallagher Type A Alarm System
NZSA Skills For Industry
Secure Host

Outstanding Security Training Initiative
Advanced Security Apprenticeship Programme
Armourguard Security
First Security
Hard Target
Red Badge Group
Sentinel Evaluation and Training
Stratcom and Secure Flight Ltd
TPT Group
VR Security Ltd

Outstanding Skills for Industry Employee of the Year
Arthur Cherrington, Red Badge Group
Punipauo (Puni) Crossman, Matrix Security Group Ltd
Frederick Tohilima, Red Badge Group

Outstanding Staff Retention/Staff Development Programme
Advanced Security Group
First Contact
Red Badge Group Modules Programme
Vision Systems

Patrol Officer of the Year
Misbahuddin Khaja, First Security
Tupu Mauala, First Security

Security Administrator of the Year
Michael Chung, Armourguard Security
Shelley Liu, Optic Security Group (SSL)
Russell Malanchak, Advanced Security Group
Michelle Marsden, Alliance Fire & Security
Alice McDonnell, First Security
Glenda Rees, Armourguard Security
Ashley Toye, HSM Group
Mirjana Zubcic, Matrix Security Group Ltd

Security Consultant of the Year
Don Beattie, Red Wolf High Level Security
Peter Jones, Recon Security
Jacqueline Jones, Advanced Security Group
Michelle Le Breton, Alliance Fire & Security
Shiu Rao, Advanced Security Group

Security Integrator of the Year
Advanced Security Group
Garth Fox, Red Wolf High Level Security
Shanan Marsden, Alliance Fire & Security

Security Officer of the Year
Corey Betham, Secure Flight Ltd
Karina Kahu and Kevin Stephens (Joint), PAE (NZ) Ltd
Peter Kints, First Security
Wayne Kirkwood, Red Badge Group
Falelua Leitupo, Recon Security
Metotisi (Noa) Mataafa, First Contact
Jeanette Phipps, Recon Security
Nick Potgieter, HSM Group
Roderick Puafisi, First Security
Lyall Stone, Armourguard Security
Murray Stone, Armourguard Security
Chyenne Tipiwai, Armourguard Security
Adele Tuhega, Armourguard Security
Tommy Uatesoni, First Security

Security Specialist of the Year
Jason Buters, Vision Systems
Glenn Chapman, Armourguard Security
Steve King, Red Wolf High Level Security
Barry Mant, Aotea Security
Graeme McKenzie, Alarm Watch
Peter Tomlinson, HSM Group
Ben Wilson, Advanced Security Group

Security Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year
Helen Alai-Stowers, Platform 4 Group
Debbie Coyle, HSM Group
Joseph Edwards, Alliance Fire & Security
Zane Eramiha, First Security
Sene Fruean, Armourguard Security
Tua Imoa, Recon Security
Reremoana (Rere) Keremete, Watchdog Security Group
Alvin Maharaj, Recon Security
Mark Mulqueen, Advanced Security Group
Colin Norman, First Security
Loto Palakua, First Security
Bryan Pirani, Armourguard Security
Heeni Rihari, Secom
Kamaljeet Singh, First Security
Dexter Sue, Vision Systems
Lole Tipi, Optic Security Group (Fortlock)
Karen Truscott, PAE (NZ) Ltd
Gary Tuiletufuga, First Security
Roger Walker, Armourguard Security
Bernadette Wichman, First Security
Natalie Yates, Secure Flight Ltd

Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor of the Year
Joshua Cleary, First Contact
Peter Fillet, Red Badge Group
Savenaca Kama, First Security
Ben Lloyd, Advanced Security Group
Gloria McGirr, Stratcom
Quinton Swanson, Hard Target

Visionary Leadership Award
Jason Cherrington, Optic Security Group
Sir William Gallagher, Gallagher
Mike Marr, Advanced Security Group
Shanan Marsden, Alliance Fire & Security
Tony Patmore, Red Wolf High Level Security
Ben Wooding, Red Badge Group