E tū initiates Fair Pay Agreement process for Security Industry

Today E tū has formally applied to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to commence the process of bargaining a Fair Pay Agreement (FPA) for the security industry. The roles to be covered by the application have yet to be confirmed but we believe it will almost certainly include Security Guards, Crowd Controllers, Patrol Officers and Cash-in-Transit crews, and possibly Monitoring and Communication Centre Operators.

A Fair Pay Agreement would set minimum terms and conditions for all workers whose work falls within the coverage clause of the FPA.

FPA process
The process will take quite some time.  Once MBIE receives the application it will begin a process of verifying and validating the application to check it meets all legislative requirements, including a process of verifying the 1000 members, which we understand involves checking one in four of the names submitted. As an indication, it has taken about four months to do that for the applications made in December.

MBIE then has to ensure that the proposed coverage clause is clear, which may involve further discussions.  MBIE can also seek public feedback on the application.

Once the application is approved the bargaining parties have three months to form their respective bargaining sides, before the actual bargaining can commence.

It is unlikely the process would conclude before 2024.

It should also be noted that both National and Act have stated they will repeal the FPA legislation if in government following the election in October this year.

NZSA position
Whatever your view about the merits of FPAs, we will comply with our obligations under the Act and, as the industry representative body, ensure we work positively and constructively with E tū, and seek the best outcomes for our employees, employers, and the security industry.

We are well positioned to represent members and we will ensure our members and impacted employers are kept briefed on further developments.

From the NZSA Team