Free NZSA Member Offer – Planning for lock-down exit and business continuity

Whilst many security businesses have been focused on reacting to an ever-changing environment, it is critical that business owners and leaders are developing plans that will ensure their business is positioned as well as possible as we head towards a post lock-down environment.

Recent surveys of SME’s (small and medium size enterprises) indicate that some 30% do not expect to be in business by the end of this year, and should that eventuate, it will place extreme pressure on all businesses, even those that are currently financially sound.

The NZSA is very pleased to announce that we have formalised an agreement with leading financial advisors Smetric to provide Cash flow Management and Business Support services to our members.

Smetric will provide the service to NZSA members, with less than 50 staff, utilising a government nationwide support package of $2,000 per business that can be applied to businesses who employ people, were financially sound pre Covid-19, are negatively affected by the virus, and who anticipate continuing in a viable manner and hiring people post Covid-19. Please note that Smetric only offer this service to selected associations and for businesses with less than 50 staff.

Smetric’s have a team of very experienced advisors and have worked with a number of security providers in recent years.

Smetric can provide fully funded advice that covers:

Financial review and cash flow forecasting
– Actions to stabilise cash flow during the lock-down and in following months
– Scenario planning for the business post lock-down and strategies in place
– Review of customer base to keep as many customers as possible and explore any quick win new opportunities
– Review supply chain and resource continuity risks and mitigation
– Review operational and capacity requirements post lock-down.

– Stabilise cash flow during and post lock-down
– Prioritise risks and quick wins
– Develop a 90-day plan to execute quickly and effectively.

Businesses have to meet a clear set of criteria and apply through the Covid-19 Business Support application process which is administered by the Regional Business Partnership Network. Smetric will guide you through this process.

For more information on Smetric and the services provided please refer to their website.

If you wish to take up this offer, please email Warwick at Smetric [email protected] and request a proposal form.

Stay safe and keep well.

From the NZSA team.

NZSA Work Broker Programme

Progress in out pilot programme in association with the Ministry of Social Development is going well.

To 13/11/18, we have placed 14 MSD clients into employment with our members.  Given the contract commenced 1st October, this is a very pleasing result and one which has exceeded MSD’s expectations and targets.

There are a number of member benefits when you employ an MSD client through our programme.  These are:

  • The NZSA will complete and pay for the candidates COA application (Temporary Licence).  We will do this once the candidate has been offered employment.  (That saves your organisation $187)


  • Pay the member $495 + GST per week for the first six weeks of employment (Pro Rata).  This covers all training and induction costs. (That’s $2,970 worth of support that you could receive from the NZSA)


  • Pay the member $500 + GST once the candidate has completed 3 months and another $500+GST once the candidate has completed 6 months employment. (That’s a further $1,000 upon their continued service.


You can also be assured that the NZSA will complete a phone interview, allow the candidate to sit a basic reading and writing test, and where possible, have a face to face interview. This helps us better understand the candidate and provide your organisation with candidates that we believe are fit for purpose. We can also give them some coaching and support for when they come to interview with you.


If you are interested in registering for this programme, you can register online here, or you can email [email protected] to have a chat.


Awards Winners 2018!

Congratulations to all winners of the NZ Security Awards 2018!!!

Security Workplace Trainer of the Year – Peter Fillet from Red Badge Group

Outstanding Security Training Initiative of the Year – NZDF Security Training Framework and Upskilling from Contact Training Systems Ltd

Electronic Trainee of the Year – Carl Durrant from Fortlock

Manpower Trainee of the Year – Bruce Downs from First Contact Ltd

Design & Support Electronic Sector of the Year – Russell Milliken from Red Wolf High Level Security

Install & Service Electronic Sector of the Year – Stephen Wright from VIP Security Ltd

Security Consultant of the Year – Andrew Thorburn from Atlas Gentech

Security Administrator of the Year – Arlene Ahorro from Matrix Security

Outstanding New Product of Service of the Year – Just Roster from Just Roster Ltd

Outstanding Customer Service Initiative of the Year – Customer Digital Strategy from Atlas Gentech

Security Specialist of the Year – Ashley Burkhart & Alysha Smith from Armourguard

Communications Centre Operator of the Year – Nikolos Berends from First Security

Security Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year – Felise Tamiano from Armourguard

Patrol Officer of the Year – Elizabeth Baker from Matrix Security

Security Officer of the Year – DJ Singh and Nav Singh from Guardforce

Visionary Leadership Award – Alistair Hogg from Aotea Security

Ian Dick Memorial Award for the Security Professional of the Year – Elizabeth Baker from Matrix Security


Photos and stories about the winners can be found on the special winners page!
Other photos taken during the evening can be found in the gallery!

Awards Finalists Announced!

New Zealand Security Industry Awards

Congratulations to our 2018 Awards Finalists

All finalists presented in alphabetical order
Manpower Trainee of the Year
Bruce Downs – First Contact Ltd
Hollis Knight – First Contact Ltd

Electronic Trainee of the Year
Joe Dewes – Red Wolf High Level Security
Carl Durrant – Fortlock

Security Trainer or Workplace Assessor
Peter Fillet – Red Badge Group
Gloria McGirr – Stratcom Security

Outstanding Security Training Initiative
Red Badge Group Gateway Training – Red Badge Group
NZDF Security Training Framework and Upskilling – Contact Training Systems Ltd

Consultant of the Year
Brent Corbett – VIP Security
Andrew Thorburn – Atlas Gentech NZ Ltd

Design and Support Electronic Sector
Russell Milliken – Red Wolf High Level Security
Daniel Tustin – Aotea Security

Install and Service Electronic Sector
Barry Meiring – Red Wolf High Level Security
Stephen Wright – VIP Security

Security Officer of the Year
DJ Singh and Nav Singh – Guardforce Security Ltd
Penny Sturgess – Red Badge Group Ltd

Patrol Officer of the Year
Braden Ashby – First Security
Elizabeth Baker – Matrix Security Group

Security Specialist of the Year
Ashley Burkhart – Armourguard
Alysha Smith – Armourguard

Communication Centre Operator of the Year
Nikolos Berends – First Security
Judy Kinsey – Red Wolf High Level Security

Security Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year
Greg Sparrow – Red Badge Group
Felise Tamiano – Armourguard
Daniel van der Merwe – Matrix Security Group

Security Administrator of the Year
Arlene Ahorro – Matrix Security Group
Kathryn Cogan – Armourguard
Mereane (Tee) Leaegalesolo – Armourguard

Outstanding Customer Service Initiative
RJ Moka – Atlas Gentech NZ Ltd

Outstanding New Product or Service
Just Roster
Lone Worker Services Stay Safe

Visionary Leadership Award
Ian Crawford – Cityguard
Alistair Hogg – Aotea Security
Justin Moroney – Waiheke Documents & Security

Congratulations and good luck to all our finalists!

Certificate of Approval information for In-House Crowd Controllers and Bar Staff

Here’s some updated advice from the Authority on In-House Crowd Controllers and Bar Staff.

If you are a crowd controller, you must have a certificate of approval. For example, if you work as a crowd controller for a bar, rather than a private security company, you need a certificate.

If you hold a COA in the class of Crowd Controller you must work for a PSPLA Company Licence holder or PSPLA Individual Licence holder. It is best practice for all bars and restaurants directly employing crowd controllers (door staff) to hold both a Liquor Licence and a PSPLA Company Licence in the class of Crowd Controller.

Bar managers and staff only need a certificate of approval if, as part of their job description, they act as a crowd controller by:

– Screening entry
– Keeping order
– Removing people.

Bar staff who mainly make drinks and clear tables are not crowd controllers, even if they occasionally remove people from the bar.”

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