MSD Work Broker Programme

The NZSA in partnership with MSD has entered into a Skills for Industry partnership where the NZSA will be the Work Broker for the Security Industry in the Northland, Auckland and Waikato regions.

The first contract commenced in October 2018 with the NZSA working with MSD in identifying and assessing candidates suitable for work in the security sectors (including the personnel, monitoring and the electronics sector) and matching the screened candidates with our members’ work place vacancies.

To assist with promoting security careers to those currently on benefits, or recently unemployed due to Covid-19, MSD and the NZSA have jointly funded the production of two short videos targeting opportunities for security officers and security technicians. Our work Brokers organise interview days and attend MSD-run work expos to meet with potential candidates as well as advertising on various recruitment sites.

The ability to provide “fit for purpose” workers for our industry is viewed by many as the most significant issue facing our industry, and we believe our partnership with MSD provides positive steps towards addressing the current shortages across all industry sectors.

The NZSA will:

  • Screen potential candidates to ensure they:
    • Fully understand the requirements of the role
    • Are fit enough for the role
    • Are willing and able to get to work and stay at work when required
    • Are able to communicate verbally and in writing to the required level
    • Are able to read, understand and follow instructions
    • Are willing and able to train towards a national qualification, relevant to the role, with support from their employer
  • Assist the candidate to complete and submit their application for a Certificate of Approval and pay the application fee
  • Pay the employer $500 when the candidate achieves the milestones of three months and six months continuous employment
  • Provide support to the candidate for the first six months of employment

MSD will:

  • Pay to the Member the Flexi-Rate Subsidy up to $6,624 to cover mandatory or industry training requirements.

Members will:

  • Provide a minimum of 30 hours, preferably 40 hours, of continuous paid work per week
  • Enrol the new employee in the relevant national qualification for the role
  • Release and pay the new employee to complete all required training programmes including the Mandatory Training unit standards and any role specific training that may be agreed between the NZSA and the employer. Such training is to be completed as agreed
  • Pay all training costs
  • Monitor the new employees progress and support them with their training and workplace induction
  • Provide all necessary documentation and information as required

Click on the links to view the Guarding and Security Technicians videos and interviews done during the filming with employees of the companies involved.

Watch our Videos


MSD Work Broker Programme application form

  • Staff Needs - Guards

  • Staff Needs - Monitoring Operators

  • Staff Needs - Technicians

  • Staff Needs - Other

  • Declaration

  • 1. Any information received from NZSA about a candidate will be used solely for the purpose of recruitment and all information will be confidential and remain the property of the NZSA.

    2. Any information received from NZSA whereby the employer decides not to proceed with the candidate for whatever reason, will be appropriately destroyed within 30 days of refusing candidate application.

    I confirm that the new employees sourced from the NZSA Work Broker Programme will:

    • Have employment agreements and will be provided with a minimum of 30 hours paid work per week, preferably 40 hours or more
    • At the commencement of employment, sign a formal Industry Training Agreement in the relevant national qualification
    • Be released to attend the upfront training programme
    • Be monitored and supported by the employer to ensure progress towards successful completion of the qualification

    I confirm that the employer will:

    • Pay all training costs
    • Pay the employee while attending the training
    • Provide all necessary documentation and information as required
  • Where the employer is referred or sources a full-time (30+ hours per week) employee directly from MSD, or by attending an MSD Job Expo, the placement is to be referred to the NZSA Work Broker Manager and reported via the NZSA Work Broker Programme.