Candidates Seeking Employment

Security Technician Candidate – Charles de Bruyn

Charles is looking for a Security Technician role in either the Auckland or Waikato regions. With 10 years experience in the Security, IT and Networking industry, he is highly skilled in providing consulting and implementation services to clients. Charles is committed to continuous self improvement and aspires to meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients and colleagues.

For more information:
LinkedIn: charles-de-bruyn
Phone:      027 218 7907



The NZSA has teamed up with Job Match and Active+ to advertise candidates looking for work.



Job Match are part of the Skills Organisation.  They help applicants wanting to enter into an apprenticeship and find an employer in the Specialist Trades, and help employers find candidates to employ and train as an apprentice in the Specialist Trades.







Active+ provides comprehensive rehabilitation services across the North Island.  Part of this involves working with job candidates who have been injured and are returning to the workforce.  Active+ liaises with employers to arrange periods of work experience for candidates (free to the employer) to test capacity and suitability for the work, and also places their candidates into paid employment.


Candidates looking for work:

Stephen Taylor from Active Plus has a client who is looking to secure an Auckland-based role as an Alarm, Security and Surveillance Monitor. The client has completed a COA, resides in Waiuku and has their own transport.

The client worked in the field of Land Surveying and Mechanical Engineering in their career to date and is looking to transition in the Security and Surveillance Industry.

The client describes themselves as having a highly developed degree of attention to detail, is precise in operational practice, is familiar with health & safety compliance and works well within an integrated service delivery team within high risk commercial environments.

Please contact Stephen Taylor, Vocational Consultant on or phone
(0204) 148-8718 for more information and a copy of the client’s CV.