Candidates Seeking Employment

Security candidate – Glenn Muller

Glenn has extensive experience in law enforcement, and specifically intelligence, with the South African Police and is looking to move into a Security role in the Auckland region. He is currently a senior investigator leading a team of 15 investigators but wants to move to New Zealand to be closer to his family. Glenn is very adaptable, honest and prepared to do what it takes.

For more information:
Email:      [email protected]
LinkedIn: Glenn Muller
Phone:      021 107 1821



The NZSA has teamed up with Active+ to advertise candidates looking for work.


Active+ provides comprehensive rehabilitation services across the North Island.  Part of this involves working with job candidates who have been injured and are returning to the workforce.  Active+ liaises with employers to arrange periods of work experience for candidates (free to the employer) to test capacity and suitability for the work, and also places their candidates into paid employment.


Candidates looking for work:


Active Plus has an Auckland-based job candidate looking for work.

The candidate is COA-approved looking for security work in Auckland. They have previous employment history working with Police, prison, schools and commercial environments whilst working as a Fire Safety Technician.

A copy of the candidates CV can be secured by emailing [email protected]

For further information and a copy of their CV please contact Active+:

Stephen Taylor
Vocational Consultant
[email protected]
0204 148 8718 or 09 373 3283