Fair Pay Agreements

The Fair Pay Agreements Bill has received royal assent and been passed into law on 1 December 2022.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has published relevant information, including:

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The Fair Pay Agreement Act commences on 1 December 2022. Further information will be made available closer to the time.

Security Guards have been publicly mentioned by the government and unions as one of the first industry sectors likely to be involved in bargaining under the FPA legislation and whilst dependent on a ratification process, it is almost certain that the NZSA, as the peak industry representative body, will be appointed as the negotiating party for industry employers.

Below is information from MBIE, with reference sites for further information:

View the Proposed Fair Pay Agreement System (May 2022) PDF here.

View the MBIE Fair Pay Agreement Presentation (July 2022) PDF here.

View the MBIE update (Sep 2022) here