Congratulations to NZSA Saved a Life Medal recipients





We are thrilled to announce the first recipients of the NZSA Saved a Life Medal. The calibre of the nominations has been outstanding and we’d like to congratulate the following recipients, whose stories are below.

NZSA Saved a Life Medal
Leitualamavae Vaa and Shelley Herbert, Armourguard Security
Lily Wilson, Alpha Protection Services

NZSA Saved a Life – Highly Commended
Mike Fairbrother, Alarm Solutions

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From the NZSA team


Leitualamavae Vaa and Shelley Herbert, Armourguard Security

On 10 December 2022 an altercation occurred between a couple at the Otahuhu Rail Station that resulted in the female being extremely upset and suicidal, threatening to jump over the rail bridge.

Leitualamavae and Shelley initially held the woman’s hands and provided reassurance, however after calming her down the woman became agitated again and ran to the rail bridge and started climbing over the rail, forcing Leitualamavae and Shelley to pull her back down and away from the rail. They continued to hold and gently restrain the woman pending attendance from emergency services.

Leitualamavae Vaa and Shelley Herbert with Warwick Stenson (North Island Metro Manager, Armourguard)

Lily Wilson, Alpha Protection Services

On 28 October 2022 Lily Watson was working with a colleague doing her patrol route in the Christchurch CBD. They had finished their lockdown as scheduled and were completing their logbook entry for the customer when Lily heard a loud cracking sound coming from inside the premise, she felt uneasy and told her partner they should investigate, even though it would put them slightly behind on their patrol.

After re-entering the complex Lily could hear an odd buzzing sound and when she investigated she found the cleaner lying on the ground next to the still going floor polisher and with a large head wound and having a seizure.

Lily immediately had her partner call an ambulance whilst she placed the cleaner into the recovery position. She then retrieved a nearby defibrillator and followed the instructions of the 111 operator until the critical response team arrived with skilled paramedics. The gentleman was rushed to hospital in a critical condition and was later reported as being in a serious but stable condition with a potential brain bleed.

Connlan Norton-Taylor (Director), Lily Wilson and Wayne Sofai (Training and Performance Manager)

Mike Fairbrother, Alarm Solutions

Mike was recently commuting through the Christchurch city centre and was about to turn at a busy intersection when a very elderly lady wobbled on the footpath and then fell heavily, and face first, into the path of his vehicle.

Mike carefully manouevred around her, positioning his vehicle to create a protective barrier between her and oncoming traffic, and then went to her assistance. He sat with her and provided initial first aid until emergency services arrived and was commended by attending police for his actions in diverting traffic and providing immediate assistance and support.

Richard Jones (Managing Director, Alarm Solutions) and Mike Fairbrother (Senior Technician, Alarm Solutions)