Covid-19 Update

As you will be aware the situation regarding Covid-19 is a rapidly evolving one.

The NZSA has implemented a range of measures to ensure continuity in the level of service provided to our members. Our work with regulators, government, standards development, qualifications authority, media comment and providing advice and support to our members will continue with face-to-face meetings largely replaced with audio and video conferencing. As part of this we will continue to provide our members with timely and relevant updates.

Designation of Security Services as “Essential Services”
We have communicated with Government to clarify essential service status for all security workers in the event that we move to either Level 3 or Level 4 and a lock down is implemented.

The government has released a schedule of those businesses deemed to be essential services and including security services.

Whilst the guidelines are rather vague, our interpretation is that all workers who hold a current security licence (Certificate of Approval) will be covered under the essential service designation. This will therefore cover security guards, security technicians, security consultants, PI’s and monitoring operators. We do not believe there will be any restrictions to the services being provided by those staff (for example technicians can still perform installs as well as servicing).

It should be current practice however we recommend that all staff carry/display their CoA’s whilst on duty as evidence of their status as a licensed security employee should they be challenged by the public or authorities.

Processing of Security Licence applications
The PSPLA have confirmed that procedures are being implemented to ensure the fast tracking of licence applications.

Temporary licence applications should be turned around within 48 hours subject to the applicant passing the criminal history check. Applications for a full licence will still require police vetting which will add approximately five days to the process.

Our recommendation is that staff carry the letter from the PSPLA confirming approval with them whilst on duty pending the uplift of their licence from the nominated Post Office.

Implementation of Employee Transition Scheme
With the rapidly changing social and economic environment, we are seeing wildly varying impacts on providers within the security industry. Whilst many providers, particularly those in the guarding sector, are seeing an unprecedented increase in demand and are urgently seeking additional staff, there are others who have lost significant contracts and even with the Government support package are facing staff lay-offs.

It makes sense that we look to keep those workers who are faced with losing their current employment within the industry by finding them employment with those who are looking for work. That may be achieved either through a temporary or permanent placement or even on subcontract and we envisage working with individual providers on a case-by-case basis to achieve the best solution for employers and employees.

If you are currently in the position of having a surplus of staff or require staff, please let either Gary Morrison ([email protected]) or Andrea Charlton ([email protected]) know and we will do our best to assist in addressing your requirements.