NZSA Newsletter – March 2024


Welcome to our March 2024 newsletter.

Whilst we have been favoured by the weather gods over recent months, we only have to look back to events one year ago and the catastrophic flooding throughout the North Island and in particular, the East Coast and parts of Auckland.

Recent press coverage has highlighted how many of these communities are struggling with property owners displaced, uncertainty with regards to the buyout of condemned houses and formerly productive land still silt covered and unusable.

Unfortunately, the way that security providers stepped up and played a significant role in ensuring the safety of people and property impacted by the flooding went largely un-noticed and unreported at the time. There are many stories of our members and their employees going well beyond their normal responsibilities and providing critical services that benefitted local communities and whilst somewhat belated, it is important that we pass on our thanks and recognition to all who assisted at the time.


Financial Health Update
As we head into the new financial year, we are pleased to report that the NZSA is in a very sound financial position, even after incurring unbudgeted costs relative to the now repealed Fair Pay Agreement legislation. Under the guidance of our board, the executive team have over recent years implemented a number of strategic measures that have ensured we are well placed financially and positioned us for the future success and growth of our organisation.

We are also very mindful that many businesses are under considerable cost pressures and that as a voluntary member organisation we need to provide ongoing value and benefit to our members.

Given our sound financial position and the challenging current trading conditions, we are pleased to advise that there will be no increase to our membership fees for the 2024/2025 financial year.


Member Benefit Programmes
The NZSA provides a wide range of benefit programmes for our members, details of which can be found later within this newsletter, and on our website.

We are thrilled to advice that we have added a further benefit programme to our offering, with our partnership with The Dog Safe Workplace Ltd launched this month.

Many roles within the security industry involve attending premises where dogs may be present and whilst most interactions are non-threatening, dog attacks are not uncommon, and staff should possess the skills and knowledge on how to accurately recognise and interpret dog signals. This knowledge empowers them to proactively mitigate risks and ensure their safety whilst encountering dogs as part of their job.


Update on death of security officer Ramandeep Singh
In our January newsletter we reported on the tragic death of security officer Ramandeep Singh. Ramandeep was a patrol officer for a contractor to Armourguard and was fatally assaulted whilst conducting a check on a park in Massey.

Whilst the police investigation is ongoing, two offenders have been arrested and appeared in court and it seems likely that further arrests and charges are likely.

We would like to thank those who have passed on their condolences and provided support via the Give-a-Little page established for the benefit of Ramandeep’s family


Changes to Minimum Wage and Median Wage
The following changes have recently been announced:

Minimum Wage will increase to $23.15 per hour, effective 1 April 2024. This is an increase of 2% on the current rate of $22.70.

Immigration NZ has confirmed that from 28 February 2024, the new Median Wage will be set at $31.61. This is based on StatsNZ data and will be adopted into parts of the immigration policy.

For some visa types, the new median wage will be used as the qualifying threshold and given the complexity of the work visa system we recommend that any members who are AEWV registered, or utilise sector agreements, should seek guidance from Immigration NZ.

We also note that the Living Wage remains at $26.00 per hour (effective from 1 September 2023).


PSPLA (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) Decisions
There is a commonly held perception that the licensing authority that oversees security workers is ineffective and has no teeth.

The reality however is that the PSPLA, under the stewardship of registrar Trish McConnell, has adopted an increasingly strong position in enforcing the Act and imposing appropriate penalties, including the cancellation of licenses and imposing financial fines.

Decisions by the PSPLA are also published on their website which has introduced a high level of transparency to the process and provides access to the media, public and stakeholders.

Recent examples that have been published in the press include a patched Head Hunters gang member being denied a certificate of approval for security work and a fine imposed on Rotorua based emergency housing figure Raymond (Tiny) Deane and his security business Tiger Security after being found guilty of misconduct.


Importance of purchasing technology via authorised NZ channels
It is important that installers are aware that if they directly source imported equipment, there is a strong likelihood that they will not receive support from authorised NZ channel suppliers.

This could cause significant issues for both installers and end users, particularly in the longer term.

We recommend that installers should talk to their local channel partners to clarify the availability of support and conduct appropriate due diligence if sourcing imported equipment.


Strategic Partnership – MBIE
We are pleased to have formalised a Strategic Partnership with MBIE that will allow us to provide timely and relevant information on employment matters for our members, along with access to employer resources.

This relationship adds to our existing partnerships with ACC, MSD, Ringa Hora and Waihanga Ara Rau.

We recommend that members should utilise available MBIE resources to ensure they are compliant with minimum employment standards in the workplace.

These include:


Guiding principles for the ethical use of Automated Facial Recognition
Facial recognition technology has been with us for some time but has come into media and public focus recently with trials being conducted by Foodstuffs in a number of their stores.

We commend Foodstuffs for working with the Privacy Commissioner on the trial and it will certainly be interesting to see the outcomes.

The use of AFR (Automated Facial Recognition) technology does also present some challenges for the security industry. Most facets of the electronic security industry are compliance driven with well documented standards, guidelines and codes of practice however AFR is an emerging and rapidly developing technology with minimal supporting guidance on how it should be used ethically.

Our Australian counterpart, ASIAL, has recently circulated a draft document titled “Guiding principles for the ethical use of Automated Facial Recognition for industry and stakeholder feedback”. The document is largely based on a 2021 guidance document released by the BSIA (British Security Industry Association).

The NZSA has taken the opportunity to update the draft document to reflect New Zealand legislation and sought feedback from a number of local industry providers and stakeholders.

We hope to have the final version ready for release in the next few months and will ensure a copy is available for access under the Guidelines, Codes of Practice and Standards tab on our website.

As always, we welcome all comments and feedback on NZSA or industry issues and activity.

Keep safe and well.

Kind Regards
Gary Morrison


NZSA / Security Industry updates

NZSA Membership Subscriptions

We are very aware of the financial pressure some of our members are currently facing. Therefore, we have made the decision not to increase our membership subscription pricing for the 2024/25 financial year, to ensure that our services and support remains accessible to as many members as possible. As an industry organisation, together we are stronger.

We will review the subscriptions for 2025/2026 following the AGM (scheduled for August 2024).


NZSA partnering with The Dog Safe Workplace

NZSA has partnered with The Dog Safe Workplace. They work with companies to help reduce the number of dog-related incidents that occur when workers enter premises where dogs may be present.

The Dog Safe Workplace offers you and your staff the opportunity to mitigate risks when you encounter dogs on properties.

In 2005 ACC reported 4,250 dog bites and by 2023 it has increased to over 14,000.

We work with companies where dog bites have become a Health & Safety risk and many are struggling to understand how to combat the issue. We have a team of adult educators, canine behaviourists, vets and dog trainers that helped develop a course that explains why dogs do what they do.

We look at what the customer requires, what their staff do when they are entering properties. Are they going into the house or just the yard? What are they carrying with them? How long are they going to be on the property? What are they doing while they are on the property? Is it a delivery or will they be there for a prolonged period of time. When we have all of the information we then customise the course to suit their requirements.

We offer three styles of training Face-2-Face, Microsoft Teams or Zoom training and an Online course. Each training program is fully customised to suit your requirements.

NZSA members will receive a minimum 10% discount, volume-based.

For more information and to register please visit the NZSA Training Hub.


COA Conflict Management Training

Train the Trainer and Refresher Training for Trainers

Call for registrations

As the industry peak body, the NZSA has assumed responsibility for the current delivery of the Conflict Management Refresher and Train the Trainer training programmes.

We have contracted subject matter experts to deliver the Conflict Management Training in accordance with specified standards and to ensure that trainers of the unit standards possess the necessary skills and competence.

For further information and to register please email [email protected].

Please note: the Conflict Management Refresher course includes assessment activity.


New Zealand Security Magazine

The New Zealand Security Magazine is now online only and physical magazines are no longer being printed.

To subscribe or access the latest issue please visit the NZSM website.

Women in Security Awards Aotearoa makes International Women’s Day return

Support International Women’s Day by nominating a deserving female security professional for the 2023-24 Women in Security Awards Aotearoa. Nominations due 8th March!

International Women’s Day is coming up on 8th March, and what better way to recognise the contribution of women to the security of Aotearoa New Zealand than nominating a colleague or employee in the 2023-24 Women in Security Awards Aotearoa!

Defsec New Zealand (publishers of Line of Defence Magazine and New Zealand Security Magazine), the New Zealand Security Sector Network (NZSSN), and Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA) have announced that nominations for the 2023-24 Women in Security Awards Aotearoa are being accepted.

Nominations already submitted in the late 2023 nomination round are not required to be submitted again and will be assessed along with new nominations received between now and the new submission deadline date.

The Women in Security Awards Aotearoa (WiSAA) initiative was established in 2020 to promote the role of women in sectors where they are still significantly under-represented, and to recognise women who are advancing Aotearoa New Zealand’s security, risk and resilience sectors.

“What makes WiSAA uniquely special is the fact that it cuts across security domain boundaries and across the public, private, and community sectors in a way that no other awards programme in our sector does,” said NZSM Chief Editor Nicholas Dynon. “The awards are also unquestionably independent, which means no sponsorships and no paid promotions.”

The nine categories for WiSAA 2023-24 are:

  1. Preventing crime and protecting communities
  2. Securing organisations and infrastructure
  3. Safeguarding networks and people online
  4. Countering incivility and violent extremism
  5. Contributing to defence and international security
  6. Combatting fraud and misrepresentation
  7. Protecting borders, trade, and biosecurity
  8. Responding to natural disaster events
  9. Building resilient communities

Nominations are encouraged from across the private, public (including government, education, military, and law enforcement) and community sectors. It is important to note that these awards are open to the broader security sector, not just ‘industry’. Self-nominations are welcomed.

For more information, including detailed descriptions of each award category, visit the DefSec website.

The deadline for nominations is 4:00pm, Friday 08 March 2024, and nominations of no more than 1,000 words (including supporting material) are to be emailed to [email protected].

Partner updates

Ringa Hora

Be part of building the pathway for the next generation of leaders
New Zealand businesses stand or fall on the ability of its leaders. But is there more room to improve the leadership skills that the economy needs?

This country has diverse enterprises, including numerous small and micro businesses and a thriving Māori business ecosystem. Their success provides employment and income opportunities, delivers goods and services that keep communities thriving, and helps showcase New Zealand to the world.

For these enterprises to succeed, growing and nurturing future leaders at all levels of business is crucial.

Improving leadership capability provides an opportunity to drive further growth in New Zealand’s productivity, and to positively impact businesses and the economy.

As a workforce development council (WDC), Ringa Hora works with the Service sector to review and develop qualifications that meet industry and workforce development needs.

Te Manu Arataki Leadership project, led by Ringa Hora, is now underway for all sectors supported by Ohu Ahumahi Workforce Development Councils. “Te Manu Arataki i te kāhui” is a Māori metaphor that acknowledges one’s leadership qualities and compares them to a bird leading a flock, often seen when birds fly in a ‘Skein’ or ‘V’ formation.

The project aims to enhance the quality of leadership training credentials by:

  • reviewing existing leadership credentials across the vocational education sector
  • developing new products where appropriate
  • facilitating career pathways into leadership.

Together, we can make a difference and lead our businesses and the New Zealand economy towards a brighter future. Sign up to be involved and stay informed about the project.

For registration of interest please see the Ringa Hora website.

Help us shape the future of Service skills
New Zealand’s Service sector grows excellent communicators, problem solvers, collaborators and leaders. The changing nature of work is increasing the demand for these people and the soft skills they possess. We’ve heard that our industries want and value people with essential and transferrable skills, and are looking for short, sharp, stackable credentials.

We will soon be making an application to NZQA for the approval of the New Zealand Certificate in Service Sector Skills (Level 3) [Working title] and require your feedback and support (stakeholder attestations). We are also looking for a great name for this qualification.

Please provide feedback, attestations and qualification name suggestions to [email protected] with ‘Future of Service skills’ in the subject line.

More information can be found on our website – Shaping The Future of Service Skills – Ringa Hora


ACC – Have a Hmmm

As we enjoy the warmer months, ACC is asking people to ‘Have a hmmm’ while out and about enjoying recreational summer activities. Injuries not only mean less fun over summer, but can also impact friends, family, workmates, and employers.

To keep people safe, and ensure they return home to their whanau every day, healthy and injury-free, ACC has launched a summer ‘Have a hmmm’ campaign. It aims to remind people that most injuries can be prevented and to ‘have a hmmm’ before they jump in.

ACC has identified the most common summer injuries and created some top tips to keep people safe. From now until April you’ll see these tips across social media, on digital channels and at some of our summer hot spots.

While two-thirds of injuries happen outside of work, these recreational injuries still have an impact on businesses and an injured employee’s workmates.


Ministry of Social Development

Changes to MSD’s Flexiwage

There has been a review of MSD’s Flexi-wage, and some changes have been made in response to feedback from employers and staff. They focus on strengthening criteria so that the support goes to where it’s needed most. That means a client must not meet the entry-level requirements of a role and need training to do the job.

What’s Flexi-wage again?

Flexi-wage provides a wage subsidy and extra assistance to support employers to take on people who don’t meet the job’s entry-level requirements and otherwise have trouble getting a job. It helps people get skills and experience to get and stay in unsubsidised work. Flexi-wage has different payment bands, based on how much training and upskilling support an employer needs to provide.

Interested in Flexiwage: check out the MSD website for more employer information: Flexi-wage subsidy – employer information – Work and Income

Some of the changes

  • MSD has amended the eligibility wording. To be eligible, the job seeker must not meet the job’s entry-level requirements and needs training and upskilling to do the job.
  • The Short-term Training Allowance has increased from $1,000 to $2,000, to give more support to employers to pay for training.
  • Flexi-wage band amounts have changed. Band 1 has reduced from $6624 to $5638 over 24 weeks, while Band 2 has increased from $9936 to $11,277 over 36 weeks.
  • The limit for Flexi-wage support applies to the employer in respect to their worker, rather than the worker themselves. That means that, if an employee loses their job due to unforeseen circumstances, their next period of employment can still be eligible for flexiwage support should they need it.


NZSA Membership

We welcome the following new Corporate Members:

Prestige Protection Ltd

Savvy Security Ltd

Skye Secure Ltd


and the following new Associate Company Member:

Chevtrain Ltd


and the following new Associate Individual Member:

Israel MacDonald




Women in Compliance Conference

Women In Compliance aims to spotlight the pivotal role that women play within the building compliance industry.

  • Hear from women who have overcome obstacles and shown remarkable resilience as leaders in their specific field and highlighting their achievements and lessons learnt.
  • Provide a platform for professionals to connect, collaborate and share insights on how to enhance compliance processes through effective networking and partnerships.
  • Address the importance of mentorship and skill development which will empower women to excel in their roles fostering growth and inclusivity.

By attending this conference, delegates will gain valuable insights, exchange knowledge and collaborate on strategies that empower women to thrive in building compliance roles.

For further information and to register please visit the website.


FPANZ Get it Right seminars

The Fire Protection Association NZ is running Get it Right Seminars in early April covering Fire Protection and Alarm Systems in Buildings NZS 4512:2021.

The workshops will be very relevant to those members who are involved in the installation of fire alarm systems as part of their service offering.

NZSA Members will qualify for FPA Member rates.

For dates and details refer to the flyer: Get_it_Right_Alarm_Systems_Flyer_2024_Form


NZISF breakfast meeting

Topic:  Navigating the world of cybersecurity micro consulting services

Micro-consulting is revolutionising the cybersecurity landscape by offering agile, targeted services that cater to specific needs without the overhead of traditional consulting. This innovative approach allows for rapid deployment of cybersecurity expertise, facilitating immediate and effective responses to cybersecurity needs. It empowers New Zealand businesses of all sizes, enabling them to address challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. Join us as we explore the concepts and methodologies behind micro-consulting in the realm of cybersecurity.

Speaker: Francois Marais

When: 8:00am Thursday 14 March 2024 via zoom

For further information and to register please see NZISF.


Member Benefits


NZSA HR Advisory Service

A reminder to members that SuccessHR are human resource consultants available for any employment support regarding your employees.

Support offered at no expense to our members is telephone communication support eg. disciplinary, performance. You also have access to individual employment agreements. Any additional support would be charged to you accordingly.

For any support or further information please contact:

Susan Beange
Human Resources Team Lead
[email protected]
021 929 528


Strategic Defence

Strategic Defence provides specialist protective products to members of the security industry. These products include stab/ballistic vests, boots, fog-free protective eyewear, hand-held metal detectors, flashlights, and many more. NZSA members qualify for between 10-20% discount. Expert advice, support, and unmatched service.

For more information see the Strategic Defence website.



Guardhouse is an end-to-end workforce management system custom built for NZ security companies. Founded in Australia, Guardhouse is Australia’s leading security specific workforce solution, bringing our product innovation and unique workflow optimisation to the NZ market saving our clients both time and money. Our values that drive your success are customer obsessed, developing unique partnerships, simple yet powerful product design and consistent innovation and R&D.

Some of the funcationality includes, Rostering, Time & Attendance, Payroll & Invoicing + integration to accounting and payroll systemts, Welfare Checks, Incident Reporitng, Compliance Management, Company and Site SOPs with digitial signiture, Customer Portal Access, Tours and Patorls module and much more.

For more information see the Guardhouse website.

Building Networks Compliance Guidance

Building Networks are the leading authority on building compliance and they are offering a 20% discount for members: Building Networks website.

For industry news, updates, tips and opinions from the frontline, sign up to the Building Networks newsletter or visit their YouTube channel.



NZSA have an agreement with Mobilcard offering members fuel discounts

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 16 cents per litre (including GST) discount off the pump price for all diesel and petrol purchased at a discounted Mobilcard acceptor sites. Minimum discount of 12 cents per litre (including GST).
  • Available at 330+ sites nationwide. View to find an acceptor site near you.
  • No card or transaction fees.
  • No need to manage receipts for tax purposes, all managed under one account.
  • Costs can be tracked easily with one monthly invoice. You can also have online access to multiple reports including the fuel consumed by individual vehicles.
  • PIN number and purchase restrictions for added security.
  • You must be a member of the NZSA to qualify for this offer.

A vehicle consuming 100 litres per week using a discount of up to 6 cents per litre = $6 discount per week..

A vehicle consuming 100 litres per week using the NZSA MOBILCARD discount of up to 16cents per litre = $16 discount per week

For a company fleet of 20 vehicles that’s potentially an annual saving of over $10,000 per annum.

The discount level is dependent on volume of fuel used per annum.

For further information please email [email protected].


First Aid and Refresher Training

Life Care Consultants have extensive experience with first aid training in the security industry and are offering NZSA members a 10% discount on all first aid and refresher training.

For further information please email Russell Taylor [email protected].


Keeping your team up to date

Like many organisations we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we can communicate effectively with our members and their teams. The best way to stay up to date on NZSA and industry news is via our newsletter. The more people from each company who receive our newsletter, the higher the chance of updates being communicated within the industry.

With this in mind, we welcome you to send us any company contacts who would like to receive our newsletter and we will add them to our distribution list.

Please email any contacts to [email protected].


NZSA member referral – strength in numbers

NZSA’s membership has grown strongly over the past year and each new member not only strengthens the Association and the security community, it also enables us to provide you with more benefits and services and a greater voice for the industry. So help grow your community and strengthen your Association by referring a prospective new member.

To refer a prospective member please email details to [email protected].

For details on member benefits please see the NZSA website.