NZSA security update – mandated workplace vaccinations

New legislation is coming in at the end of November to mandate vaccinations for workers at businesses where customers need to show Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

For other businesses, a new process will be created later this year about how to assess if work needs to be carried out by a vaccinated worker. In the meantime:

  • encourage staff to check their vaccination records on My Covid Record.
  • see guidance on how to make an interim risk assessment under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

For interim guidance see the WorkSafe website.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or require assistance.

Stay safe and keep well.

The NZSA team.

NZSA Security Industry Newsletter – November 2021

CEO Report

Welcome to our November 2021 newsletter and I trust that you are keeping safe and well.

I opened my commentary in our last Newsletter with the comment “Isn’t it amazing how quickly everything can change”.

After ten weeks of lock-down I imagine most of us (and particularly those living in the Auckland region) are now craving the opportunity for change and to start returning our lives to some degree of normality.

The government has recently released details on the new traffic light system that is expected to come into place once 90% of eligible New Zealanders are fully vaccinated (i.e. 90% of New Zealanders 12 years or older have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine). The 90%target applies to each DHB and the country will move into the new traffic light system when each DHB has 90% of its population with both doses of the vaccine.

Whilst this at least provides a pathway for moving forward it does need to be noted there is considerable doubt around the ability of some regions to achieve the 90% target and the governments track record on delivery is not exactly great!

Putting that aside, lets’ hope for a positive outcome and that this will provide us with the ability to start planning for Christmas and the New Year with some certainty.


Vaccination certificate
The landscape around mandatory vaccinations is complex and moving rapidly. The government has now announced that the scope for mandatory vaccinations within workplaces will be extended further than what is currently in place.

Businesses that require customers to show a Vaccination Certificate, will also need to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated. The industries that this applies to at this stage are close contact businesses, gyms, hospitality, gatherings (weddings/funerals etc), indoor and outdoor events.

Whilst it appears unlikely that the security sector will be specifically mandated in the near future, our interface with those sectors that are covered by mandatory vaccination means that increasingly employers will need to ensure that staff working at these sites/customers will need to be fully vaccinated.

We will continue to provide guidance on this over the coming weeks.


Mental health
Covid-19 has had a significant impact on how we interact with others, go about our lives, our work, study and many other aspects of our lives. We know that a combination of stress and uncertainty can have significant and wide-reaching impacts on the mental wellbeing of people in New Zealand.

It is important that people know that it is normal to not feel all right at this time – it is understandable that people will be feeling sad, distressed, worried, confused, anxious or angry during this crisis. Everyone reacts differently to difficult events, and some may find this time more challenging than others. The ways people think, feel and behave are also likely to change over time and we all have good days and bad days.

The NZSA has regularly promoted mental wellbeing tools and resources to assist our members but for further information refer to the website.


NZ Security Awards
After Covid-19 again played havoc with the planned Annual Security Awards event scheduled for late August, it was fantastic that we were quickly able to transform into an Awards Week event utilising a range of media platforms that ensured both a timely delivery and wide accessibility and coverage.

Our congratulations to the very deserving award category winners and special recognition to Marishka Wallace, winner of the Ian Dick Memorial Award for Security Professional of the Year.

For those who haven’t viewed the awards, access is still available via the NZSA website.


Proposed change to Schedule 6A
Earlier this year legislation was enacted recognising some security staff as vulnerable workers and with it, the obligation to consult with employees when there is a change of provider or delivery is taken in-house.

From our information the new processes have by and large been implemented with minimal confusion or disruption however it has become apparent that the inclusion of Patrol Officers and Cash-In-Transit Officers within the coverage is somewhat problematic given that their normal duties may involve servicing multiple customers.

Technically this means that every time a patrol customer or CIT cancels with one provider and moves to another, the affected employee must be consulted with and given the option of transferring – even if the customer service requires say a five-minute attendance as part of a twelve-hour patrol run. Obviously, this is operationally and financially unviable.

We have discussed this matter with Etu and they are in agreement that this falls outside of the intended coverage for vulnerable workers.


We are in the process of preparing a joint submission to MBIE proposing a change to the regulations supporting the legislation where a minimum threshold will apply before the obligation to consult is triggered – suggested at 25% of duration of the shift.

We will keep members posted on this but also welcome any feedback on any other issues being identified.


MBIE submission re minimum wage
We recently distributed a questionnaire provided by MBIE as part of the consultation process on future movements in the Minimum Wage.

Whilst only a few responses were received, we have consolidated the feedback into our industry submission.

Our focus was very much around the limited ability of some industry sectors (such as Hospitality) to absorb and even survive any further increases and the importance of certainty and clarity in the determination of future increases.


VR training platform and webinars
We are pleased to advise that the delivery of training utilising the SkillsVR E-Learning and VR Training Platform will be facilitated by Ben Kingi of POP Training (a registered PTE).

The platform provides a further option for the delivery of the CoA training (unit standards 27360, 27361 and 27364) with the benefit of being cost effective and readily accessible for those who do not have inhouse or locally based training options. This is particularly relevant during lockdown situations as employees can still access the mandatory training, unlike traditional classroom based training. For more information contact Ben Kingi on [email protected].

We have also launched a package of Webinars utilising the VR scenarios as an option for pre-employment screening and refresher training – details will be announced soon.


Conflict management Train the Trainer and Refresher training
As part of their industry role, Skills has overseen and managed the approval process for trainers delivering the CoA Mandatory Training and facilitation of Train the Trainer and Refresher Training programmes.

With the transition of the Standard Setting Body (SSB) functions of Industry Training Organisations (ITO’s) such as Skills into the Work Development Councils (WDC’s) over coming months there remains a high degree of uncertainty as to where the responsibility for functions such as this will sit.

Given the critical nature of the Conflict Management training and the necessity for training continuity, the NZSA as the peak body representing the security industry and with support of the Security Training Special Interest Group, will exclusively deliver the Train the Trainer and Refresher Training programmes.

We recently conducted an RFP to select suitably experienced and qualified trainers to deliver the Train the Trainer and Refresher Training and are pleased to advise that we have appointed two providers – Hard Target (Quinton Swanson) and Risq (Ngaire Kelaher and Mac Te Haara).

We are currently developing a training calendar for next year and will communicate this shortly with those needing to complete the Refresher Training or have registered interest in the Train the Trainer programme. However we would encourage anyone interested in undertaking this training to contact Andrea Charlton on [email protected] and register your interest.

Training details will also be detailed on our website


Electronic Security Special Interest Group
Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) play a key role in ensuring the NZSA’s relevancy across a range of industry sectors and issues, particularly where we may not have a lot of in-house institutional knowledge (in other words where my skills and knowledge are somewhat limited!).

The SIG’s are made up of a group of volunteers with skills, knowledge and expertise specific to an industry sector or segment and with a strong interest in lifting standards and performance within that sector. Normally SIG members are employed by NZSA members however this is not restrictive and participants from other interested parties (such as academia, customers and government agencies) are also welcomed and can provide specific expertise.

We are currently in the process of establishing an Electronic Security SIG and whilst the key focus areas will be determined by the group once it is in place, they are likely to include compliance matters, industry training (including recognition of prior learning) and creating and promoting career pathway opportunities that attract and retain quality workers to the industry.

Participation is not overly onerous with a meeting bi-monthly (currently via zoom) and communication via circulated emails.

If you are interested in being involved on the Electronic Security SIG please contact Gary on [email protected].


Audits – Accredited Members
An NZSA Accredited Member is one who has been audited to see if they adhere to the Codes of Practice which apply within their respective industry sector, and that they comply with the NZSA Rules, Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Once they have been found to meet or exceed these requirements, they are provided with a Certificate stating this and listed on the NZSA website as an Accredited Member.

This gives the company an added point of difference that they may use in promoting their business. It gives confidence to the person or organisation who is interested in using their services. The audit also provides guidance on how the business can achieve further improvements and enhancements to the way they operate.

Audit compliance is valid for five years, subject to the submission of an annual declaration advising of any material change to the business operations.

Whilst the audit programme has been hampered since lockdown, we are happy to discuss the process with members and to pencil in dates for 2022.

More information can be found on our website or contact Gary to discuss on [email protected].


NZSA AGM and Annual Report
We have deferred this years AGM to the 7th December in the hope of being able to hold a face to face event – details are provided later in this newsletter.

Should lockdown restrictions make holding a face-to-face meeting impossible, we will revert to a virtual format and communicate this to members well in advance.


Building Networks member benefit programme
We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Building Networks where NZSA members will receive a 20% discount on services and programmes provided by Building Networks.

Building Networks are New Zealand’s leading authority on building and fire compliance and can help you and your people understand, know and apply the rules.

For further information please refer to the Member Benefit section within this newsletter.


Company licence renewals
With the original licensing requirement for individual and company licenses introduced in 2011 and a five yearly renewal process, there is a large number of licences that require renewal during the current year. Whilst the PSPLA have a notification system in place, this is based on the email addresses that they hold on file and should not be relied upon as those records are often out of date.

We recommend that members check on their licence status and put in place a reminder process for at least three months prior to the expiry date. Members should also note that if they fail to renew their licence within the specified dates, they will be required to undertake a new licence application.

As always, we welcome all comments and feedback on NZSA or industry issues and activity.

Keep safe and well.

Gary Morrison


Keeping your team up to date

Like many organisations we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we can communicate effectively with our members and their teams. The best way to stay up to date on NZSA and industry news is via our newsletter. The more people from each company who receive our newsletter, the higher the chance of updates being communicated within the industry.

With this in mind, we welcome you to send us any company contacts who would like to receive our newsletter and we will add them to our distribution list.

Please email any contacts to [email protected].


NZSA member referral – strength in numbers

NZSA’s membership has grown strongly over the past year and each new member not only strengthens the Association and the security community, it also enables us to provide you with more benefits and services and a greater voice for the industry. So help grow your community and strengthen your Association by referring a prospective new member.

To refer a prospective member please email details to [email protected]. For details on member benefits please see the NZSA website.


Face masks available

The NZSA has obtained from the Ministry of Health face masks from government stocks. These masks are Ministry of Health approved for essential services. The masks are available to order in boxes of 50 and the cost is $37.50 + gst per box ($0.75 per unit) for members and $50 + gst per box for non-members.

If you would like to place an order can you please email us at [email protected] with your requirements.


Member Benefits

Building Networks Compliance Guidance

The NZSA are pleased to introduce a new member benefit. Building Networks are the leading authority on building compliance and they are offering a 20% discount for members: Building Networks website

For industry news, updates, tips and opinions from the frontline, sign up to the Building Networks newsletter or visit their YouTube channel.


First Aid and Refresher Training

The NZSA are pleased to introduce a new first aid member benefit. Life Care Consultants have extensive experience with first aid training in the security industry and are offering NZSA members a 10% discount on all first aid and refresher training.

For further information please email Russell Taylor [email protected].


Mobilcard – special member offer – 14c per litre off the pump price – 1 November 2021 to 31 January 2022

After the 3 months the discount will revert to the normal 12c per litre discount rate.

Mobilcard are extending a special offer to NZSA members for a period of 3 months – 1 November 2021 to 31 January 2022. Please note this offer applies to all NZSA members who currently receive the 12c per litre Mobilcard discount and all new Mobilcard applicants.

If you sign up with Mobilcard during this period you will receive the following discounts during the promotional period:

  • 14c incl gst per litre off the pump price on petrol
  • 14c incl gst per litre off the pump price on diesel
  • no card fees
  • no transaction fees

Please note that members who currently have Mobilcards through the NZSA will be entitled to the same discounts for the 3 month period and members with a higher volume discount will not be impacted.

Key Benefits:

  • Available at 330+ sites nationwide. See the Mobilcard website to find a site near you.
  • No need to manage receipts for tax purposes, all managed under one account.
  • Costs can be tracked easily with one monthly invoice. You can also have online access to multiple reports including the fuel consumed by individual vehicles.
  • PIN number and purchase restrictions for added security.
  • You must be a NZSA member to qualify for this offer.

For further information please email Mobilcard Business Manager, Matthew John at [email protected].



simPRO is a leading operations management solution for service, maintenance and project contractors. Connect the office to the field, delivery exceptional customer service and gain invaluable insights with automated processes, streamlined workflows and in-depth business reporting.

NZSA members are eligible to receive a 20% discount on initial implementation costs of simPRO and for the month of November two months free!

For further information visit the simPRO website.


NZSA Speak Up Line

The NZSA Speak Up Line is free to members and provides access to a confidential service where staff can report issues such as bullying, sexual harassment, poor employment conditions, illegal practices such as theft or drug dealing and other matters of concern that may be occurring in the workplace and not being reported.

Phone                 0800 775 775

Online reports

The NZSA will provide posters, business-sized card to go into wallets, stickers and introductory letters for your staff. They are designed for members to include their own corporate branding prior to distribution.

The service is particularly valuable where employees may be reluctant to speak up or report matters due to fears that by doing so it may affect their employment or risk further victimisation.

It is also important to note that such services meet government procurement requirements around providing a voice for staff.

This service is provided by Crimestoppers who obviously have considerable experience in handling sensitive calls in a confidential manner. They log the calls or online reports and forward to the NZSA for further investigation if required. The staff member can remain anonymous if they wish to do so.

Register for the NZSA Speak Up Line by emailing [email protected]. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


NZSA HR Advisory Service

NZSA is partnered with Sucess HR to provide access to free HR advice as well as templated key documents and policies.

This is a fantastic offering for our members and their management staff, in particular those smaller companies who do not have access to in-house or contracted HR expertise. Please share this with your line managers, supervisors and staff who may have a need for this great HR service.

Services and documents available include:

  • HR advice and guidance
  • Employment Agreements: permanent, fixed term, casual
  • Position Descriptions
  • Policy Documents
  • Updates on legislation and
  • best practice

For members requiring NZSA HR Advisory services please contact: [email protected] or 021 918 331


What is a healthy workplace – an NZSA HR Advisory Service update

What is a healthy workplace?

Investing in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your workforce creates a healthy workplace and is simply good business.

A healthy workplace is one where making the healthy choice is the easy choice. It works with its team to ensure all aspects of its operations are not harmful. It helps its people be as healthy and strong as they can be.

For further information please see the SuccessHR blog.

If you have any workplace questions, the NZSA HR Advisory service can assist.

Phone:     021 918 331

Email:       [email protected]



We welcome the following new Corporate Member:

Camcorp Enterprises Ltd trading as Tyr SecOps


and the following new Associate Individual Member:

Stephen McCarthy



NZSA Annual General Meeting 2021

This year’s AGM will be held at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron at 8.15am on Tuesday 7 December 2021. Notification will be sent  to members this week.


NZISF breakfast meeting

Topic:  Certification showdown – a comparison of three popular security frameworks and how they differ

You’ve no doubt heard about or have experience with common security frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC2 and PCI DSS – but how do they all work and what are the differences?

Phil Howie takes a deeper look into these frameworks that are common in the tech industry (and beyond) and what each entails, how they came about and what to consider when approaching them.

After this presentation, you will have a high-level understanding of each framework, its various strengths and weaknesses and just enough information to be dangerous!

When: 8:00am Thursday 11 November 2021 via zoom

For further information and to register please see the NZSA website.