How supportive training empowered a security company


How supportive training empowered a security company

By John Son

What is the recipe to an engaged and empowered workforce? It has a lot to do with how much you support and train your staff, as Ten7 Security is showing.

The Otara-based company has made huge efforts to put training at the heart of its culture, and the results so far prove this is a wise approach. In particular, Ten7 has invested heavily in literacy training and support. This is to make sure its staff have the reading, writing, and other fundamental skills needed to make the most of their training – a common challenge in the security industry.

Workplace Literacy Fund provider Aspire2 has been the driving force behind the initiative. Aspire2 worked with Gloria McGirr, an independent consultant and workplace assessor, to develop Ten7’s literacy programme. Combining literacy and security expertise has enabled Aspire2 to effectively deliver a uniquely customised programme to Ten7.

“Ten7 employees work through a mountain of training material that can be very daunting. I work with them to develop their confidence and understanding,” Gloria explains.

“It’s great that Ten7 really want to help their staff not only pass the compulsory security training, but also really understand what the legislation means.”


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