Smart CCTV and the Internet of Things: 2016 trends and Predictions

Smart CCTV and the Internet of Things: 2016 trends and Predictions

We are entering an era where billions of devices will be able to collect and transmit data via the internet, so much so that Gartner recently forecasted that there will be 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ used worldwide in 2016.

The hype around the IOT (Internet of Things) and smart technologies is building at a phenomenal pace, it has become the buzzword of all buzzwords within the t media and the bandwagon is set to keep on rolling, with everyone from car makers to home appliance companies hoping to ride on its success.

Despite its hype, smart, connected products do represent a very real and practical step forward in how to connect disparate machines and widely dispersed data. As companies begin to understand the value of IoT, the focus will increasingly shift towards evaluating IoT technology via the underlying principles that guide most businesses today, focusing on improving productivity and efficiency and generating a return on investment. Commercial IoT solutions in the enterprise space will gain traction and businesses will be start to monetise the mass of data that IoT devices can provide.

As the evolution of the physical security industry has shown us, consumer and IT technology has had a profound effect on driving innovation and change with the security industry, HDTV, H264 compression and Power over Ethernet being notable examples. With this in mind the Internet of Things is also set to have profound ramifications on the security and video surveillance industry.

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