Pictures: Ashburton memorial service


Pictures: Ashburton memorial service

Ashburton’s mayor says the violent deaths of two WINZ workers in the town does not represent who they are as a community.

A public memorial service has been held in Ashburton today for Peggy Noble and Leigh Cleveland.

The WINZ workers were shot dead while at work in the town 10 days ago. Lindy Curtis was injured in the shooting rampage.


Speaking at today’s service, Angus McKay urged people in the district who are in the business of helping not to be discouraged, saying: “You do a marvellous job.”

Mr McKay said the town will never get over the shock of what happened in their community but they “can start to move forward and once again be that safe place to live”.


Ministry of Social Development offices were closed nationwide for an hour from 12pm to 1pm for the service.

The community has already shown its sympathy for the families of the victims with a candlelight vigil, attendance at their funerals and moments of silence at public service offices.


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