1997 report on New Zealand’s security industry: Constants and change

In his NZSA CEO’s January newsletter, Gary Morrison wrote of a report unearthed during a recent clean-up of the NZSA’s Takapuna office ahead of the association’s move to Albany. The 28-page Analysis of the New Zealand Security Industry is dated August 1997.

Prepared by three Massey University extramural students undertaking Strategic Management Studies, the purpose of the report was “to analyse the security industry, describe its history and development and predict its long-term future.”

Although the report does not constitute an exhaustive or deeply analytical research output, it nevertheless makes for intriguing reading though a 2018 lens. As Gary wrote in January, reading the paper “it was interesting to reflect on how…..”

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Securing the future: Hills digital transformation set to impress

Hills Ltd is looking boldly into the future – undertaking a major re-engineering of its digital customer experience, announcing new key appointments, revitalising its Auckland trade centre and getting serious on enterprise solutions.


Customer-centric transformation

Hills Limited has embarked on a major digital transformation programme in partnership with global professional services leader Cognizant to revitalise the company’s e-commerce capabilities and improve core business processes and customer engagement.

“The digital transformation initiative is integral to our ‘back to growth’ strategy,” said David Lenz, Hills’ Chief Executive Officer.

“The digital experience is critical in our endeavour to transform Hills from a product-centric to…..”

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SkyCity casino guards bust alleged card skimming operation

Two eagle-eyed SkyCity security guards have been credited with helping foil an alleged ATM card-skimming operation in Auckland.

The Police Financial Crime Unit told staff at the casino a week ago to be on the lookout for the Canadian man and woman.

Two guards noticed the pair and raised the alarm with police, who arrested them on Wednesday night.

The pair had allegedly obtained close to $200,000 from the skimming operation and had made attempts to obtain around $160,000 more, Auckland City Police said.

The two foreign nationals were now facing a number of forgery-related charges and would be appearing in Auckland District Court.