New Zealand Information Security Forum

The objectives of the NZISF are to:

  • Bring together a group comprising individuals, organisations and students who are interested in exchanging ideas, studying and promoting awareness in their workplaces, organisations they belong to and in the general community about Information Security
  • Organise or coordinate with other groups to organise seminars and workshops throughout New Zealand for the purpose of promoting information security principles, and furthering knowledge of the subject
  • Publicise Information Security related activities within New Zealand and globally by forming relationships with the media, individuals, companies and other organisations
  • Provide a resource for individuals, organisations and students with preferential focus
  • Liaise with individuals, organisations and students interested in Information Security within New Zealand and globally
  • Attendance at regular Forum meetings
  • Fee reductions when attending Forum and NZSA sponsored seminars
  • Attendance at functions organised by the sponsoring organisations or organisations that the Forum may have an affiliation with
  • Opportunities to share ideas with other members of the Forum
  • A regular Forum and NZSA newsletters
  • Access to information resources, materials, products and services available to the Forum at preferential rates

At present NZISF is organizing or taking part in the following functions:

Monthly breakfast Session

Organised on the second Thursday of every month, except January. The breakfast sessions are held at Owen glen Building, the University of Auckland, 12 Grafton Rd, CBD, Auckland, start at 7.30am.

Each session includes a cooked breadfast, 50 min presentation related to information security followed by a discussion.

Announcements are distributed through internet only.

If you think that you could offer an interesting presentation contact Lech at

More details in the “NZISF Meetings” and “Next meeting” sections.

All NZSA organised functions

All information about these functions is distributed through internet only. NZISF members pay the attendance fee the same as the regular NZSA members.

NZISF – endorsed functions

Functions orgnaised in conjunction with other organisations or endorsed by NZISF; advertised separately.

Currently, NZISF are endorsing the following meetings/conferences:

  1. IT Security Forum
  2. OWASP NZ Day



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New Zealand Information Security Forum (NZISF) cordially invites you and your friends to the July 2017 breakfast meeting:


Thursday, 14 September 2017


7:30 am, be on time, please!


Seminar Venue: The University of Auckland School of Business, Owen Glen Building, 12 Grafton Rd, CBD, Auckland.
Breakfast: “Excell” café, Level 1,
Presentation:OGGB Building, Room 325, Level 3


NZISF, NZSA and IITP members – $30
Students – $15
All others – $ 35, Cash or cheque, no credit cards.
Alternatively, credit my (i.e. Lech Janczewski) account at: BNZ, Auckland Branch, No: 02 0159 0235063 00. Please put the note with the payment: “NZISF March your name” and send me an email about the payment.

Topic: Cyber resilience in a disruptive world: managing security in Fonterra

Resilience is the ability to withstand and recover from unexpected events. Cyber-security has its own share of unexpected events (think WannaCry, or, if you’re an old hand SQL Slammer). As technology changes, the range of unexpected events increases. From Business Email Compromise (phishing to make money), Mirai (DDoS attack by baby monitors & cameras) to weaponised emails (wikileaks publishing email originating from Russian hacking during the U.S presidential election). This talk will cover how basic security hygiene practices, strategic planning, and good business communication improve Fonterra’s cyber resilience.

Presenter: Ofer Reshef

Ofer is the Manager – Digital Security & Risk in Fonterra’s Global Information Services. Ofer has been driving the vision of “sharing information with confidence on any platform” through a series of initiatives to improve Fonterra’s security’s posture, communicate the importance of security and incorporate security into the way Fonterra develops and manages IT systems. Ofer holds a MSc. in Electrical Engineering and is CISSP and CRISC certified.

This meeting of the New Zealand Information Security Forum is proudly sponsored by:


NZISF is a Special Interest Group of the NZ Security Association. For more information about us see:

Car park under Owen Glen Building accessed from Grafton Road. Take lift to Level 1 (Not P1) then enter the building.

Click here to see location on Google Maps.

New Zealand Information Security Forum has been launched as an independent organization in 1995. Since 2001 it operates as a Special Interest Group of the New Zealand Security Association.
Members of the NZISF work as independent consultants, members of divisions responsible for information security, academics, students and journalist, all of them interested in information security issues.


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Phone: +64 9 373 7599, ext 87538

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