James Condron

James Condron

James Condron,VP Global Sales, CNL Software, is a well-known personality with the global security industry, and is respected by many for his deep insights in highly complex security projects.

Ensuring the safety and security of citizens and visitors is key to the success and progress of any city. This is especially true for Atlanta, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the U.S. As with any large city, Atlanta is becoming more reliant on the use of visual intelligence to help identify and resolve security incidents faster and more incisively. This has enabled new correlation capabilities allowing Atlanta to lead the way in intelligent policing. It provides the City with the framework needed to reach both public and private systems, which is required to realize the City’s vision for public-private partnerships in the foreseeable future.

James has over 20 years’ experience in the software and hardware industry. He has been instrumental in some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking security integration projects in the world. He has worked with the largest and most well known organisations in the fields of Critical Infrastructure Protection, Law Enforcement, Corporate Security and Safe City initiatives.

Working with customers to manage technology convergence issues and ensuring compliance to security polices, these solutions have delivered real ROI while protecting some of the highest profile people and security assets within target countries.

His work is helping to shape the future of security by offering thought leadership on key issues such as asset protection, energy reduction, process compliance and business advantage in converged physical environments.

With this background James is able to offer deep insight into how to achieve successful integration projects, which will be of interest to security heads, systems integrations and consultants alike.

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