Honda burglar nabbed in paddock after fleeing police


Honda burglar nabbed in paddock after fleeing police

A would-be burglar was run down by police in a paddock thanks to the extra efforts of an early morning security guard.

The 38-year-old man allegedly cut an exterior fence to break into the Honda yard in Te Awamutu as the sun came up on Thursday.

In doing so, he activated an alarm at the store that sells quad bikes and motorcycles on Ohaupo Rd.

Security was alerted and an early morning guard responded.

When the security guard arrived he spotted the man inside the dealer’s yard, Senior Sergeant Greg Foster of Waikato Police said.

“The local security guard came across a burglary in progress and he was able to advise police and keep observing the suspect.”

The culprit fled to a waiting vehicle and took off driving the car towing a trailer, he said.

The security guard managed to follow the fleeing man until police arrived on scene, Foster said.

“The vehicle initially stopped for police but then took off and a pursuit began.”

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  1. Stewart O'Reilly :

    Good work by the security officer