Armed robbery at Tauranga convenience store


Armed robbery at Tauranga convenience store

The latest victims of an armed robbery say they are living in a state of fear.

A friend of the victims, who is also a city retailer, has called for tougher penalties and says ”shopkeepers need to keep weapons behind their counters” after the sixth armed robbery in Tauranga in just over one month.

Yesterday at 2pm two men, one wielding a hammer, entered the Carlisle Street Convenience Store and made off with cash and cigarettes.

“Shopkeepers need to keep weapons behind their counters. There needs to be more power to shopkeepers. ” -Retailer

Owner Aman Deep said an employee was confronted by the men, who wore scarves over their faces and hoodies drawn over their heads.

”He was really scared and just moved to one side and let them do what they wanted to do.

They took lots of smokes and all of the money out of the till.”

It was the third time the store had been robbed in three years although, on the second occasion, a staff member chased off the culprits ”with a big stick and they didn’t get anything”, she said.

Ms Deep said the store’s owners had increased security and alarms but ”we are seriously scared all of the time and worried”.



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