Albany & Bays Glass My H&S review

Albany & Bays Glass My Health &Safety review

Albany & Bays Glass have been providing specialist glass services on Auckland’s North Shore for more than 30 years. They’re a small company, and take pride in their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. The very nature of their business naturally requires them to be extremely safety conscious, but in 2015 they recognised that their health & safety paperwork and admin processes could be improved. A client of theirs from the construction industry recommended that they speak to Rebecca Cook at My Health & Safety.

Tracey Menzies is the office manager at Albany & Bays Glass.

We knew that our Health & Safety Manual needed updating so that was our starting point. Health & safety is at the core of our business, but I don’t think we realised just how much paperwork our procedures and day-to-day compliance should involve. We opted to have a monthly toolbox session with Rebecca, where she trained us to complete all the required forms competently.

Rebecca’s knowledge is vast, and she’s very approachable. She answered any and all of our questions without ever making us feel silly. She’s a good teacher too, taking time to go through things carefully and then checking that we fully understood what was required and why.

We signed up to My Health & Safety online, and one of the key benefits is that our glaziers can carry out their job safety analyses while they’re out on the road. This is really useful, not least because of how much time it saves them.

My Health & Safety is very comprehensive and not intimidating. Rebecca’s designed it to be self-explanatory; you can clearly see from the icons exactly what you need to select. We’re not an especially tech-savvy company, but we find it really easy to use.

The only small problem we encountered was when we upgraded our mobile phones. We’d never downloaded an app for work before, and weren’t sure how to do this. But it was fine, really straightforward – especially with Rebecca’s guidance – and the app has always worked perfectly.

There were some immediate benefits from working with Rebecca. For example, we realised that we required an additional first aider at our main office, and were quickly able to arrange training.

But the biggest advantage is undoubtedly the amount of time which I’ve saved. I don’t have to spend hours researching a topic online and trying to devise a health & safety policy to cover it. Rebecca sorts it for us. Done. Simple!

It’s peace of mind too. We know that Rebecca’s knowledge is exceptional so we can rely on the work she does for us. And, by using My Health & Safety on a daily basis, we know that we’re being compliant – which protects us, our business and our clients.