What NZSA does

NZSA Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct


romotes and Fosters the Highest Standards of Efficiency, Service and Ethical Behavior. All applicants are subjected to thorough vetting, including credit and reference checks, prior to being admitted to membership. Compliance with the Association’s Rules, By Laws and Codes of Practice is mandatory upon membership.

Represents the Industry

The Association’s credibility has been established over a number of years through the good offices of its members.

Develops and maintains code of practice

Current Codes of Practice are; Alarm Monitoring Centres, Camera Surveillance Systems, Electronic Access Control, Intruder Alarm Systems, Patrol & Response Services, Secure Destruction of Sensitive Material, Security Guard Services, Cash in Transit (including the conveyance of cash and bullion or other similar valuables), Crowd Control Services, Security Training Services and Private Investigation Services.

Provides an Industry Focal Point

The NZSA is recognised by Politicians, Government Departments and Agencies, NZ police, the Insurance Council (and companies), the Registrar of PSPLA, Consumer Institute, the Media and others who look to the Association for advice and guidance on matters related to, or affecting, the industry.

Education and Training

Through the NZSA’s leadership, national qualifications in security have been developed. The NZSA is a foundation member of the Skills Organisation (formerly known as ETITO, Electro-technology Industry Training Organisation) which is approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority. They manage training and assessment in the security industry.

NZSA has taken a leading role in raising the quality of training being offered across the industry. NZSA is able to offer all security qualifications and assessment standards within the Security Domain on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework up to and including the highest qualification currently available, The National Diploma in Security (Level 6).

Has a Staff dedicated to Serving Members

The NZSA maintains an office with a full time Executive Officer, Office Manager, Executive Administrator, Director of Training and Assistant Director of Training as well as several part time support staff and consultants to serve the needs of members and carry out the activities directed by the elected Board.

Assists in the Setting of Standards

The NZSA is recognised by Standards New Zealand and with the expertise and support of members, has assisted in the development of standards for the security industry. NZSA members have worked or are currently working with committees reviewing standards for Intruder Alarm Systems and Safes and Vaults.

Provides Information and advice to Members

Members are kept up to date with industry events through Branch meetings, NZSA Newsletters and personal contact with the Executive Officer and his team. The quality publication, “New Zealand Security Magazine” is an important avenue of communication to members.

Represents Industry’s Interests in Respect of Legislation

An on-going watching brief is maintained for changes to legislation and submissions are made when appropriate which provides a direct benefit to NZSA members.